City of Stars


Had a very long day. Actually had a couple of long days. Friday morning I woke up around 5 am and was lazily stretching when I suddenly remembered I have no sugar for my coffee…. NO SUGAR ! FOR MY COFFEE ! in a brief moment of insanity I thought I would get coffee at work and I looked at the time and it was 5:07 a.m. and I panicked and I know I can’t last that long… I mean, I don’t get into work till 8:30 am ! I never moved so fast in my life… I was up in a flash, pulled my pants on and dropped into a t-shirt and a pull over and took the pocked book and car keys and out of the house and back in the house in a half hour and saved myself.

After Church today I went to my cousin’s place as she now has a boyfriend and I am not sure how I should be reacting to it. It’s a lengthy story and I want to go write about my heart break and so I will fill you later, but went I to her house and had a lovely time with her and her boyfriend and got back home safe as she lives in Bensalem and I live way East.

Fed my cats and fed myself and sat and wondered if I should watch La La Land and then I did. The pull of Jazz was way too much for me to contain !

So i watched La La Land and I am seduced AGAIN by Jazz… A movie like La La Land is for the people who have open hearts and imaginative minds. Such a beautiful movie with dynamic uses of film and music that will clutch at your soul with every fiber of your being. The ending is raw and beautiful and the bitter sweet lesson that will have you sobbing. The montage ending scene moved me to tears in the most wonderful way. I’ve never been happier to be sad and sad to be happy and all at once.

The movie is a joyous, romantic, energetic, heartbreaking and just so damn fun !

Just listen to this beautiful piano piece – City of Stars

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