amor fati

i want life so full of curiosity and answers, joy and adventure

i want a break from my usual routine

i’m willing to experiment and be spontaneous

may be a new romance with the old you, or a revitalization of a current you

i’m in a mood for unexpected pleasures

a more playful adventure which would make our lives delightful

i want my dreams to come true

i want to feel a certain something for a certain someone

i want to translate my feelings without a thought

i wish i could capture your heart

if you are here right now, i feel i could and i would

i would touch your face

i would look deep in to your blues (eyes)

i would kiss you full on the mouth

not french kiss. just a kiss

not passionately; no tongue involved

my lips would be slightly bruised

i would mouth the words i love you

i will run my fingers through your hair

i would kiss your nose and rest my cheek against your cheek

you would whisper the words i love you

i’ll lean against your chest, while you caress my breasts

you make me wet

i’m aware of my growing emptiness which can only be filled by (with) you

i would feel your desire for me come alive; hard, throbbing

i invite you in (to me)

open arms, open legs; slightly quivering

I’ll lock you in and I’ll embrace you with my arms

i’ll run my hand on your back; slightly squeezing your fleshy hips, stroke your testicles or balls if you will

i’ll answer your urge with my own; we become one in soul, and mind

i enjoy the force of your ejaculate

still sticky, still wet, still sweating, i nestle against your chest

before i drift into sleep; i will open a book (lord byron) and read you the words dripping with lust

in your arms, i’ll go to sleep (peacefully) tonight. . .


“If you can dream – and not make dreams your master; If you can think – and not make thoughts your aim; If you can meet with triumph and disaster And treat those two imposters just the same”- Kipling

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