candy corn


do you ever set your watch ahead so you won’t be late ? i know some people do, as stupid as that is because you know that the watch or clock is set ahead by 10 or 15 mins. once upon a time, green bay packers (american football) had a coach named vince lombardi… now he was famous for two super bowl victories and also for something called lombardi time. so what’s lombardi time ? i googled (because my boy mentioned it on thursday and when i asked what is it, he told me to look it up. so i did.) lombardi apparently insisted that his players and staff arrive 15 mins early for any meeting or appointments and if anyone is on time, then he considered them to be late. he thought by arriving early, one can prepare and collect their thoughts, etc. and apparently in 2012, packers unveiled a new clock outside of lambeau field which is set 15 mins early as an ode to his “arriving pre-appointment time” rule… so there you all can now thank terry (or me) for this piece of (useful or rubbish) information. as per me, unless it’s very important, i shall never be on time and i’m always fashionably late like a parisian as i think that being on time is for mediocre people…

there was also some discussion about candy corn (don’t ask) and i honestly thought it’s akin to candied apple or something like that and i was wondering how one eats it and so i asked and found out it’s not a corn cob dipped in sugar syrup or caramel but some candy for realz and my boy generously supplied me with a photo.

i dropped by my mechanic’s that evening because my bmw’s breaks are shot and it’s been there for a month now as i wanted to see if it would be cheaper to fix them (it’s costing me $1000) if i took it to an authorized aaa repair but i wasn’t finding time to call them. anyway, i was walking into the office to tell them to go ahead with the repairs and matt the mechanic saw me and called out my name in a very happy way and i should consider dating him just for that (he asked me out a while ago) the only other person who calls me like that is my friend annie and it’s hard to explain that little happy note in their voices but it thrills me to bits…

lately i have been humming under my breath, this stupid little song which i learnt in india…. i went to an all girls school (till i did my masters) when i was growing up and it kind of makes us a bit rowdy as we also teased and taunted boys who were hanging out by our gates… lol. but anyways, we had lots of stupid songs which we would sing and one of them i particularly recall for this occasion goes like this and this song relies on a particular quality of a particular person and for example, if xyz is noted for reading books or abc is noted for singing , then the song goes something like this….

in the morning, in morning,

in the morning, by the sea

if i were a handsome boy and if i were to marry….

i would marry xyz more than anybody

for she could read and i could read

and we could read together

getting up in the middle of night reading to each other…

i know it’s a silly song but i was humming it lately trying to find a common thread between terry and me… i will explain the anatomy of my love for terry in another post…

friday, i told my boss i have to leave early, and she panicked and said you are not leaving (as in quitting) are you ? i am a bit happy that she thinks that way but i did promise her i will stay as long she is there (she is thinking of retiring soon) and this suits me fine as i have this chapter as a comma to build myself up and my friends scream at me saying why aren’t you in research ? my ex-boss also discouraged me to take ths as she wanted me to go back and pursue my doctorate (i dropped out of that program when my father passed away) and it’s been a long and hard handful of years of my life where everything seemed to go wrong and everyone i loved dropped dead…. and now i feel, for sure, i am in control and i am truly liberated from all obligations, and responsibilities… and i honestly think that’s one of the reasons why i am not in a hurry to get into a relationship…

my boy ruined my weekend as he is like i won’t be in on monday… so now instead of two days of wait, i have three days and i’m holding my breath in and sighing…oh dear, his words left me with silence and this is my way of clutching at him in his absence.

amidst all the chaos that fills my days, i feel as if the moon lives inside my skin and all that brilliance is struggling to get out and my skin is splitting at the seams with all these swollen emotions and i want to grab my boy and kiss him on his mouth till we are both numb and just stare into his soul….

i wonder if he sees into my soul… the other day he was smiling a bit impishly and a bit wickedly at me as if to say, i know your secret and i’m thinking, does he ? here i go again…..  i keep mistaking my boy’s kindness for an interest in me. i’m lying here, listening to moonlight sonata (piano), realizing that i’m fucking stupid. and somehow i’ve to deal with the aftermath. i thought i could defeat the plague of loneliness that i’ve been battling for some time. hi terry & i’m sorry !

this evening (saturday) i consolidated all my photos and for the first time i looked at my father’s photos from his viewing and burial… i haven’t been home to see him buried (i was made to stay back for a family obligation) and i was looking at his photos, my mum’s photos, my husband’s photos and i kept saying i am sorry, i am sorry, i am sorry.

being human can blow sometimes. the word goodbye is really giving me the feels tonight…  did you see the sunset the other night ? it disappeared as i drove home and then the house was suddenly too quiet. julien once told me that he wanted my life to be ‘full of crying and laughing and everything that is part of people,’ and that i taught him so much about me, about him, and about how to trust people. no one will ever be able to fathom how much he meant to me or his words still means to me. anyways, it’s getting cold out tonight. obviously so because we are in fall… and this is life, right ? i’m thinking of letting my hair grow back (i cut it off after jace’s passing) and teach myself how to play moonlight sonata on the piano. everything i write feels like a voicemail nowadays. sometimes i write things and think that you can all hear my voice, without all the pauses, without the anguish, without the stutter – with the calm that i could speak with you. only the calm… and oh, it’s late and i’ve been up since 5 am for a saturday. i should go for a drive and never come home. peace, internet !


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