the fantastic ride

the fantastic ridefantastic ride-1


i more or less gave this title to this art work. on sunday morning i was reading the facebook page of le monde, and this article was one of them… the article is by maïa mazaurette on the sexual problems of men and women and it’s a fantastic read but i was more fascinated by this drawing which accompanied the article…. it looks like it’s a water color illustration and i would love to see the whole drawing and i can’t find the goddamn artist and i googled the image and the artist and i give up… i emailed le monde but god knows when they would get back to me… i would love to know the artist and his / her works. and in the meanwhile, general appeal to you all…. if any of you know where this illustration comes from or who the artist is, please let me know. much appreciated.



credits: le monde, mazaurette, joe raedle/afp (?) and the artist whose name i don’t know

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