hello november !


first day of november !  philly is currently experiencing my favorite weather, gloomy and cold but not raining.  the sun may even come out tomorrow… for me, this is the best time to be outdoors because the sun isn’t beating down on me and i get to dress cozy in a sweater, leggings, and ankle boots and go crunch, crunch on the leaves… can’t wait !

november is finally here and i’m really looking forward to all the exciting things which may happen…. for starters, there’s this exhibition starting in two days at philly art museum and of course, i will be there to look at those paintings… i’ve other project starting on (tumblr) and unlike here, (i only got three), i would be bombarded by submissions which i need to read and repost…

also november is for being thankful…i am happy to report i have things to be thankful for and will make a list.

nothing to report on the boy front which is noteworthy except, except….. i survived a whole day without seeing my boy and i have listed out excuses to waltz into his office to talk to him and he also gave me a couple of opportunities to go to him but i stuck to my ground and am going to give him up for the month of november to develop a sort of immunity as i’m painfully aware of my destiny. while my love won’t grow any dimmer, i’ve to prepare for the imminent crash of my dreams  when he gets married… you know what i mean ? and i don’t want to revert to self harming as jack will get furious and also it’s hard to explain to my beauticians who work on my body… i can’t keep saying that they are scratches from my cats (poor kitties).

well i’ve written another poem tonight which i will post shortly..

good night my lovelies…

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