narcissus (amor fati series)

i want to be your favorite.

i want to tattoo my words on your inner eyelids
so all you ever see
when you cum, are my words
so you scream and scream my name in pleasure
and you repeat…..
and you repeat
you’re mine and i’m yours

i want to be the best cocktail you ever drank
my essence writhing down your throat
and sliding and seeping forward to your tongue
don’t i taste heavenly ?
you bet i fucking do
‘cause i’m the lust you feel
when i waltz into your view

i want you to love my words
the curved head of my ‘a’s and
the sharp pointed bum of my ‘v’s and
every letter in between
‘cause when i write of love and sex
i meant only you

i want to be your favorite

i want you to sit awake late at night
‘cause there are still pages of me to flip thru
i’m insatiable to your twisted tongue
whispering sweet nothings in your ear
breathing and melting into your skin

i want to be your favorite
your definition of truth
your most addictive vice
a ferocious cat in your bed
and a purring kitten giving you a head

i want to be your favorite…
book you love and read and reread
and trace each line with your fingers
soft and moist, firm and gentle

call me narcissus, if you want
but i want to be your most beloved
i want to be your favorite !

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