tempest hair and i’ve new glasses and i can see clearly now and it’s a whole new non-blurry world and i don’t know what look i was going for but i look quite shady and devious…how cute do i look on a scale of 1 to “get those goddamn glasses off of your face” ?

the italian emailed me today as i agreed to have dinner with him and i gave all kinds of conditions and i actually told him that i’m pretentious and so good atmos is necessary.. haha

so this is his email:

“how are you today?  hope you’re having a good week.  i did a little research on restaurants in wayne, pa., particularly those friendly to vegetarians.  here is what i find.

1) autograph brasserie.  american/italian food.  looks like classy atmosphere.  reviews are very good.

2) anthony’s coal fired pizza: excellent pizza, sports bar atmosphere, family friendly, little loud.

3) margaret kuos:  asian/japanese food.  good reviews.  surprising amount of meat on menu.

i’ll mention there is also a bonefish grill in king of prussia (bit further for you) which is pretty good.  nice atmosphere.  and lastly, there is a place in wayne called “a taste of britain” (thinking you’ll like this), but it’s closed on sundays.  perhaps we can save this for our 2nd outing? 🙂  let me know what you think of the other choices.”

folks, this is how scientists write… haha i mean, he actually researched on good restaurants lol i swear i laughed so much when i read this email and he def. gets points for making an effort… god I hope he doesn’t fall in love with me… :/

just so you know anthony’s is out…i’m thinking kuo’s or autograph

today is a good day ‘cause i just spent over two hours screaming at my computer & at philly orchestra website, & something like a million error messages & four meltdowns later i’ve tickets and i’m going with really fucking wonderful and awesome friends and i’m seeing really good music live, so i’m happy, yes.

i had a brief chat with my boy, terry… yes i know, i know… i am trying to cut the cord with which i tethered myself to him. but it’s a bit hard, you know. one can’t just forget what a heart longs for just like that and as badly as i would want to get over him, laa dee daa, can’t and my heart leaps and dances when i see him… gosh, i love him so…  i should be shot ! when i see him, all my resolutions evaporate as quickly as fog evaporates when sun comes out…. anyway, i think me dating someone else may actually help me but i shall be careful and not make anyone fall for me and also the italian will be the first american boy i would be dating, so he should be proud.

oh, my chat with the boy with blue eyes… he is coming to my neighborhood tomorrow and i was royally ticked off with this management group because my neighborhood is really nice one and i don’t understand how corporate events can be organized in such places but whatever… he was like you live there don’t you and i said yes but i didn’t tell where exactly i live.. this place a bit away from my house and our neighborhood is quite tricky and its literally the other side of railway tracks kind of a deal but i live in a posher side of the tracks than where this banquet / corporate event place is… but i love my little town…  it’s not exactly idyllic but it’s not a city and i can run into city in 30 mins (given the traffic)..

if i were to be honest with myself, i actually want to leave my job and i was looking at the job offers in my inbox but i am like caught between rock and stone, because i gave my word to my boss. in the meanwhile i will continue to countdown the years and time does fly quickly… one year down, four to go.

i didn’t go out tonight (gym) because my kids all have sniffles and i have to be extra careful with a couple of them as they have health issues already and this weather is goddamn fickle and i am severely angry with the /weather. i just have to watch over them extra careful and feed them with my fingers because they can quickly deteriorate if they don’t eat and they don’t eat if they can’t smell..

well so the night begins with me drinking in my dreams, and trying to reach the stars which crumble with the touch of my fingers and i swallow their dust and breathe out golden words and they echo and scream and birth a new reality….

night night mes chatons !


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