books,cats and weekend


(bastet, the pretty one with her mama; tickles, the queen with my books)

today felt like a sunday and not like a monday on account i stayed home and worked… whenever i work from home, i take lots of selfies with my kitties and i took about a thousand selfies with the little one (bastet) till she got bored and ran away. but she rocked in this photo.

i have this habit of ordering from amazon (most of the time) and ebay and when the packages arrive i leave them in my living room unopened and they serve as little stools for my kids to sit on and jump around (and i give the boxes once i open them and they serve as their hiding and sleeping and scratching spots and i throw them out once they are completely destroyed) – this weekend i decided i would open a few of the boxes and much to my surprise i found these books which i must have ordered a while ago i guess and completely forgot and i have been meaning to go borrow these books from library and so now i can scratch that off from my to-do list. i was quite pleased with this find and literally squealed and jumped up and down a bit.  i’m especially thrilled because i wanted to read ‘the dinner’ for ages now but all the same, i love to read and this is like an unexpected surprise from me to me… nothing can beat this surprise of mine !

i also found my aromatic oil, ‘paris chic’, from france for my lampe berger and i then proceeded to fill out my lampe with this particular fragrance (i usually have ocean breeze) and lit it and i found that it smelt the same.

i am planning to hibernate this thanksgiving weekend (except sat when i go to church). and also i am hoping to stay home on wednesday as well and i am planning do my shopping for wood for the fireplace and necessary ingredients for making crêpes (and also a trip to william sonoma is also on the list, as they have a fabulous crêpes mix in case my batter turns blah) and from there go to the farmers market to get some fruits. i already finished food shopping for my kids and i just need to pickup insulin from my vet and if everything goes as planned ie nothing comes up to make me leave the house, i am planning to live on crêpes, light the fire place and fill the house with the aroma of burning wood and paris chic, and read my books (sad note: my bed lamp is broken and i am not gonna go shopping for that until after christmas or new year as i hate all these people milling about, looking insane and buying shit which they don’t need and thank god for internet and the convenience to shop from home but i’m not a fool to buy a $10 lamp and pay $20 for shipping costs and hence i need to sigh and made do without a bed lamp and i actually may have to sleep with the main light on or leave the comfort of warm bed and go trotting few steps to switch off the light… curses ! )

most of my kids have been sniffling and they have cold and i have been putting them on antibiotics and making sure that they were eating well and i was especially keeping a watchful eye on the kids who are more fragile and so i paid no attention to this one kid felix and when he was sort of hiding i thought he was getting cold as well but i haven’t made sure he was eating properly but i kept meaning to check on him and make sure i watch him eat. so on sat evening when i got home, i went to check on him with some food and sure enough he was not only not eating but also quite sick and i was in distress. i started him on antibiotics and force fed him a bit and syringed in some water.. now, i have a decision to make whether to make him further distressed by taking him to the doctors or continue to monitor him and i decided to keep monitoring him… and i don’t think he is out of the woods yet but he is finally coming round… aargh !

my other child, skittles is also on meds and so when i give her the pill, she pockets it in her cheek and then spits it out when i am gone… so i now i actually make her to show me her mouth so i can make sure she has swallowed it. skittles is super smart and i have feeling that she actually understands me. i mean like a human. usually pets reacts to some syllables and the intonation but my theory is that, that’s not the case. i think pets actually understand some words like a human and they know what the words are and my baby girl skittles is smarter and i know for a fact, my kids are way smarter than some children and well behaved.

i was supposed to have gone on a date but that turned out not the case… my sundays usually start around 8:30 with doing laundry, cleaning some stuff and running around doing chores… so this sunday was no different and i was doing chores and doing laundry and the italian emailed me to confirm that we are gonna be having dinner and i did reply yes and it was half hearted…  but i did make an effort and actually showered and picked out a nice dress… and i was humming and getting dressed and i was actually smiling and looking forward to going out and meeting this person and then i realized the painful truth that i was getting dressed as if i were going to meet the boy i love and i had to stop and actually sit down and think… who am i kidding ? after a good cry later i emailed the italian and told him something came up and i have to take a rain check and i apologized. he was ok and i probably have to go do the dinner thing sometime soon.

i stayed home and thought things through and gosh, i realized that i lost my focus and i need to refocus on things which are important. i’m not implying my boy is not but it’s like me craving for moon and all this pining for him is for a lost cause and he is unavailable (and even if he is, not sure i’m his type or he is mine for that matter) and we may not be great together anyway because i do have a fucking brain and so on so forth and what have you…. i have to refocus and continue to make goals and work towards them and may be my prince charming may find me. my mentor from church asked me to make a list of 7 characteristics which i am looking for in a man so we can pray each week and she is like, ‘if you put he should be french on the list i will hurt you..’ and i ask you, why not ? i am a romantic person and a passionate person. i need a man who is romantic and no, saying to me, drop your panties and get in the bed won’t do anything to me… he should serenade me or write me poems or buy me flowers for no good reason and a girl can dream of passion. can’t she ?

anyway, i have to take leave and y’all have a good night.

sweet dreams !

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