bitter colds and warm hearts


my heart is warm y’all,  in spite of these frigid temps. horus, my itty bitty kitty baby is doing well and he put on some weight, he was at 6 lbs and now at 10 lbs and i am actually happy for this weather as i get to stay home these four days (i was home since wednesday) so i can feed my kid every 4 hours and got to cuddle him and kiss him and tell him ‘i love you’. i can tell he is feeling well already as he is purring and his eyes are bright and shiny and he even meowed a couple of times.

my winter sads have been coming on strong in the past days as it’s colder than iceland (apparently), so i’ve been fighting back with sun worshipping by hanging onto the windows along with my kids and colorful vegetables, chocolate mousse cake, touching plants on the street when i went for walks to get circulation going, and thinking about green, and listening to pascal obispo and love songs with my cats who are good for me like sweet potatoes.

my kids and i have been suffering from cabin fever and i really would love to go for a long drive but i haven’t been out very far in my car since wednesday. on friday evening after sabbath started, i thought i would go for a ride to check out the roads because i wanted to go to church on sat morning, and after two blocks i got stuck in icy slush and i was kicking myself mentally when a young man came and unstuck me and while driving away i thanked him profusely and i returned home and decided not to go out again !

this morning there’s a mysterious puddle in my kitchen and i am wondering if some water pipe broke but i am in no mood for bad news and as long as my kitchen won’t flood and i don’t get to wade or swim, i am firmly shutting my eyes and pretend everything is ok.

here’s a funny fact. i was watching news, and apparently the cleveland browns (foot ball) team didn’t win even a single game in their entire season, and so the browns fan had a protest parade for a “perfect winless season” and i saw one guy with a little placard which said “they tried” and i fell off of my bed laughing… haha !

i’m looking forward to going to work tomorrow just to shake off some of this laziness and i want to stretch and work out and start working on my future course work. i had a little chat on friday with this guy and he gave me some ideas and obviously, my transition has to wait, as he wants me to do some course work in finance and he promised to find me little projects for me as a taste of things to come. and oh my gym closed abruptly and i have to now find another gym pronto or i shall go insane as we are on a winter break for ballet as well.

i am content and i am happy. an elder from my church sent a little inspirational text with a story. one day a man was crossing a bridge, but he was scared so he turned and asked god, can i hold your hand so i may not fall ? and god said, “no my child, i will hold your hand”. the man asked “what’s the difference?” and god replied, “if you hold my hand and something happens, you might let go but if i hold your hand, no matter what happens, i will never let you go”.  i feel that way, that no matter what, god got my back and i know god will have my back for the rest of my life.

looking at the soft shapes of my cats has warmed my heart and now i’m just sitting on the floor in front of my lit fireplace, chewing on a piece of french bread with brie and grapes, and patting my legs and sighing and i am content.

i’ll soon get up to make some coffee to finish off my light lunch and go do my laundry, give my babies their lunch and then will settle down to watch “the frozen dead” on netflix.

hey hi hello friends ! hope you’re all well. hope you can find a way to be happy in all this ice and snow around, even if you have to make a town of igloos to do so.

a bientôt !

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