comeback kings

and superbowl 52 !

well, my boys, patriots have done it again and headed to the super bowl for the tenth time, fresh off of 7th consecutive afc championship game and facing philadelphia eagles…

tomorrow night is the superbowl 52 night and i’m firmly in patriot’s corner surrounded by eagles… i’m going out with “sandalwood boy” (long story i will tell you later but he smells of sandalwood) to a sportsbar near my home and i will be wearing patriot colors and sandalwood told me he will protect me because he wears eagles and i laughed hard and told him, i know he may have to protect me from the sourpuss eagles fans once patriots win the superbowl.

this whole week has been one eagles related saga as i’m in philadelphia and rightly so, and i was asked by many eagles fans when they saw me wearing patriots hoodie “you know, you are in philadelphia, right” and i acknowledged yes and that eagles fans should be proud that they at least made it to the finals; others begged me to have this one game for eagles as patriots have five… i said, it’s really nice but probably tommy brady would like to get another record under his belt… (having high score for passing yards and winning the trophy at the same time).

i felt bad for nick foles because i read an article which read “how to turn foles into a wentz” and i got royally ticked off… wentz may be fine but foles wasn’t too shabby and eagles fans were also nasty when after a win, foles went home to tuck his daughter in, instead of staying to party. i mean, he knows his priorities and i would be happy for him if eagles win (no chance) so as to shut all his haters..

had dinner with sandalwood tonight and i changed my plans of valentines and going out with him after he caught me off guard and recited this poem to me: “roses are red, foxes are clever, i like your butt, let me touch it forever………”

i was laughing so hard in the restaurant and drew everyone’s attention. in all this i still was thinking of my american boy. as it’s my custom, i gave full disclosure to sandalwood.

on friday at work, we had a superbowl party and i wore my hoodie and oh, i forgot, the american boy sent out a blast email “to wear the eagles jersies if you are raised right” and i was cackling to myself at that but well… i got him back for that.

he was super excited about this whole thing and i’m so sorry for him come monday as his excitement will be down in the drains. there were some trivia games and i sucked at them mostly as i don’t know the terminology for american football and there was this finding words (given below the thing like patriots, superbowl, etc) in a jumble of letters and my boss circles “joey” and the girl i was sitting next to and i were giggling while making up follow-up stories…

we also had a fire alarm go off and while hearing all that noise, i started panicking purely because the announcer kept saying not to get out of the building in essence and i felt trapped and i started getting anxious and i ran to joanne, as she is also comforting to me and she held my hand and told me it would be ok.

i’m so grateful for those moments when strangers are kind to me.

and oh a funny thing… i was watching a game show on tv “child support” i think it may have been a rerun as it was like 1 am or something. it was all those wee morning feedings to horus. and the premise of the show is if the contestant gets a question wrong then the same question is put to a bunch of kids and if the kids get it right, the contestant is saved from elimination. anyway, the question was “in order to take the temperature of a child orally, where is the thermometer placed” and i fucking kid you not as this woman answered in the butt…. when the kids were asked the question they said under the tongue and one child actually said. “orally means in the mouth”…. and my brain was thinking, hasn’t she ever performed oral sex  and what exactly did she do when some asked for an oral sex… so many questions…

on a side note:  justin timberlake is performing at the super bowl again and i’m sorry but i just can’t stop thinking about the fact that janet jackson was put through so much crap in the music industry, the tv industry, the superbowl, and was publicly shamed to the point of humiliation all over a wardrobe malfunction that happened over 10 years ago….. all because a nipple showed and this really pisses me off because firstly it was an accident and secondly we see a lot of nudity even in tv shows and actually i may need to rant about this and goddamn americans are so conservatives at the wrong moments and i certainly don’t want people to pop their boobs out for no reason (remember i am a feminist) but for pete’s sake just chill…., i just hope janet makes an appearance at this superbowl and if she does, the feminist in me will growl and purr with happiness

well, i’m planning to sit (or shout or pull my hair or sandalwood’s) and thoroughly enjoy superbowl. it’ll be a battle but they will win. the amount of heart and soul each member puts into the game is just beautiful. i will be watching their smiles on their faces as the clock ticked down to zero will bring tears again to my eyes. i know they will get this done and i have never doubted it and i won’t start now. even when i was ridiculed by everyone under the sun, when deflategate was rocking the nation.

i know they will continue to grind and work as hard as they always had and they will make me happy no matter the outcome. the drive for 6 starts and ends here and we’re on to super bowl 52. my prediction is patriots win by more than 7 points 🙂

let’s go patriots and god bless you !

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