evening thoughts

i’ve been sad for a few days now,  as sunday before last, i lost my very pretty baby girl bastet. on friday (april 6) evening when i got home, there were indications that she had been vomiting and when she saw me, she cried aloud. and i knew her heart is giving out when i touched her and her temperature was down and her paws were cold. it was a hard but i decided to let her die in my home and in my arms as i know it would be futile to run her to emergency room and subjecting her to all kinds of torture. so i sat with her and let her sleep on my chest. she finally passed away sunday morning around 3 am. and she still looked beautiful. i kept her in my arms till the rigor set in and i went to bed.

as a mother i want to keep my babies safe forever and i know life is not like that. i am glad to say, i have and will provide the best possible care for my kids knowing fully well that they will all leave me. but i count my blessings and am learning not to be greedy and let them go without being selfish and subjecting them to unnecessary torture (like taking them to vets) because i want to hang on to them .

i am silently thanking god for the thorns as well as the stars he placed in my life.

and of course, the whole of last week i moped around a bit.

now that the spring is in the air, i am attracting unwanted attention as usual. and they do get drawn to me like a moth to the flame. i mean, i am not making fun of them because they are attracted to me, but i get cheesed off royally because of their lack of romance or paying me compliments… for example, they expect me to get wooed when they say “you are stunning”, “you are amazing”, “you are beautiful”…. and usually i’m a cold bitch and i would give my standard reply “fuck you” and now a days i have this guy at the trolley station who says the above things and also if i am wearing flyers jersey (they won one game) and lost two so far (i know, i know i cry every time and it’s exhausting), he goes “ooh flyers”…. i mean, come on ! my iq isn’t in single digit to fall for that crap… and he tries to talk to me but he is as deep as a rain water puddle and he gives me migraines. i probably have to change my trolley stations and soon…

i think i may be a little too hard on some people. maybe i’ll stop. there are times to be a cold bitch and times to forgive and forget. i feel like lately i’ve been too stressed out to differentiate.

now a days i have a lot of time on my hands and i have analyzed and found that careerwise, staying where i’m is not gonna work for me long term. for one i don’t think the department would provide me with opportunities to excel and i’ve bleated myself hoarse asking for some projects, to learn something new and acquire skills and then i realized i’m wasting my time and i’m not suicidal and so i’ve started making lateral moves into a different area.  probably soon or in couple of years, i should move on to a better position. and i’ve plenty of time on my hands.

i’m also getting influenced to start thinking “out of the box” by this novel “the martian” and it is fantastique. it gives a brand new perspective about what to do or what not to do when you find yourself all alone.

and i’ve made a great friend at work and she is awesome and keeps questioning my thoughts when we meet with each other once a month and thus keeps me on my toes. we keep pushing and teaching each other to excel in our careers.

also my former boss paula wasn’t pleased when i told her i wanted to do mba as she still wants me to finish off my ph.d. and start a biologics company. but i need time for that as i’m just now getting stronger. and so for now, i shelved the mba idea to see where my lateral moves would take me.

sandalwood got me an engagement ring and i am like “dude, did you see me wearing any jewelry except for my belly button ring and occasionally a nose ring”. he said he bought it for more of a traditional reason and i was like on your knees please.  i never wore my wedding band except on my wedding day and jace never wore it as well.  and i don’t think, i will start now. or may be i will wear just that one piece and i will totally be naked. i keep telling sandalwood “please sit back and watch me fall in love with you”

i told him i may not be in love with him right this minute, but before i love him again, i will make sure i will carry the same heart as his and even though mine is broken, i will stitch them together with his kind words. he told me that we should recreate the pheromone that moths use to attract other moths. and how if we touched that chemical it would stay in our bodies for ten years. when i teared up and became small, he told me that we would go somewhere quiet and let the moths turn us into dust.

every time i visit him and if the weather is nice, we would sit on  the step of his fire escape, and he sipping his wine. across the streets through the thick of  leaves and then the cracks in the branches, you could hear music playing. some soft and sad songs. the place always felt a little too far away. one night we went inside, and the bassist was a boy who i think about often, who knows what kind of music i like. he smiled baby smiles at me while he played and i thought about magic, about coincidences, about how sometimes the most important place in the world is somewhere you dream about from a fire escape across the street.

sandalwood is back on the road and i miss him. i miss the american boy somedays as well. this irritates me to no end to find feelings lurking in my heart for him. i know it’s hard to choke and kill your feelings no matter how pissed you are with someone and i’m trying to wean myself off him. it’s a bit hard as well, because we both are on the same floor and for my part, i’ve mastered the art of avoiding him…

i guess eventually i’ll get better at goodbyes, but this time and sometimes i’m finding them in parts, in fragments, in some nights saying too much with words that spiral and others spending too much time understanding different ways to communicate. so many words tonight, beautiful little fragments of all that is before and after

what turns to stone is inside you and too often we carry these weights within us.

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