ties that bind

i always wanted my love life to be a really grand adventure like that of my days with julien. since then it’s like “in search of lost time” and the love i find is actually very pleasant and quite restful but no grand adventure.

a recent development in my life which is kind of rippling my feelings is the american boy started going to the gym right the time when i am in the gym… i mean, i understand why tho as at that time the gym at our work is quite vacant as opposed to during lunch hour. the gym i used to visit near my house had closed down and i am in search of a gym which is really unfruitful and i am bouncing from one to another and feeling in general unmotivated. and since the closing of the gym i have not been working out which is a few months and my problems aka asthma related breathing issues, steroid related tummy and bloating issues started creeping back. and so i started going to my work gym and much to my surprise american boy started as well and tho i am pleased i am bit miffed. well can you blame me tho ? i aimed for a grand passion and excitement with him and wanted to go to pieces with him but it wasn’t so and now that i have sandalwood and i do appreciate him who understands me and wants to be with me in my quiet moments. and now here i am again and i am a bit confused with my feelings for this american boy. well que sera whatever will be and all that jazz i suppose..

in other news, last week was a busy week for me as wed, thurs, friday i took three cats to vet and after $600 later, found nothing is severely wrong with any of them and thank god for that, but i was exhausted. i get home around 6 and then take the kitties to vet around 7 pm after feeding the rest of the brood and get home around 9:30 and take a shower and get into bed. as if this is not enough, the workout i have been doing resulted in me being sore and boy, i was sore.

this sunday, i watched the movie ben-hur which is a remake and not the original ben-hur with charlton heston. while the cast looked more like middle easterners, like the jewish people in judea would have been, they wanted to make it politically correct where everyone is guilt free, etc and this honestly wanted me to go and puke my little guts out. i kept giggling at the actor who played jesus as he was quite awkward in dialogue delivery and looked quite cross. so every time he comes on the screen i was giggling at the jesus who looked cross.. 😊 but i cried my eyes out at the crucifixion or rather the journey to the cross as these scenes remind me how a thousand times i failed him and yet his mercy remains towards me and how much god loves us all and not as a whole human population but that he loved each and every person whoever lived on this planet earth. and i hastily add that jesus’ suffering and dying on the cross is not just about the physical pain and first death as many people in those times were crucified.

i made enough vegetable pottage to last me for like, three full days’ worth of meals. incredible. i spent sunday indoors as it was super muggy and hot and today surpassed sunday reading a god of small things. the boy that i’m seeing, sandalwood, texted me, saying he saw me walking through town while he was driving. i am lying curled in my bed , watching my lazy cats play and furl, play and furl in slow, slow rhythm — i thought “it’s nice to hear from him today.”

i’ve finished eating my stew a while ago but still i am so much warmer; all those spices and five cloves of garlic and turmeric will do that — fill you with a hazy hazy heat.


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