sex, football & page 3

hello world ! it’s raining again and at least for now, the humidity is at bay. my kids keep giving me dirty glances as they think somehow i‘m making the rain – my kids love to go out and frolic and all of last week, i made them stay indoors because of the humidity and especially because i wasn’t home to bring them in at regular intervals and i can’t afford to leave the windows open while the air conditioning is still going and i can’t afford shutting off the ac because it was unbearable and one of my kids has asthma. last year, sonu my baby kitty went out on a scorchingly hot and humidity day, and he got short of breath due to allergic reaction and i immediately got him inside. i arranged some storage boxes in front of a floor fan to the same height and perched my kitty on the top box to cool down with the breeze and stroked his back to relax him as when cats (or anyone for that matter are short of breath, brain kicks in the panic attack mechanism) get panicky and asthma attack starts… and being a clever kitty that he is, now a days, whenever he goes out in hot / humid days and feels short of breath, he immediately comes in and marches straight to the fan and relaxes on the top of the box till he feels better.

if you’re always running towards the next moment, what happens to the one you’re in ? i believe time is a gift and i must slow the fuck down and enjoy each and every god given moment. it’s getting incredibly difficult to stop and enjoy my life as i seem to be shopping for my food and my kids’ food every other day and i am not sure how to rectify this problem and this is pissing me off in general. i don’t like to do online food delivery.

speaking of food, i am doing changes again to my nutritional intake. currently i

football season is here again and i found out i can’t watch patriots play on regular cable unless i subscribe “nfl sunday ticket” and that wasn’t offered on my regular cable subscription so i went and got myself directv now which gives me the nfl sunday ticket and after spending $500(not including my regular internet and cable charges and this amount is spread out over four months), now i can watch my boys patriots play every single game and the dollars are so totally worth it to watch in the comfort of my home and of course, pant-less in my underwear. and it also allows us (me & sandalwood) to have impromptu sex as and when our foreplay gets us too wet and too aroused to stop and not have sex. the other day, we were having out of this world sex and i fell off the bed, and he didn’t stop fucking, while yelling “five second rule” and it made me laugh so much; the next day i couldn’t walk properly as my bum hurt because of the fall and i slightly limped around. and yes nfl sunday ticket subscription is totally worth it to watch live games, and especially watching patriots’ magnificence in the way they play and i am writing this while watching them play and they are already up by 21 points.

my education in american football continues and here are some notes so far from someone who doesn’t understand how this game works …

  1. i may choose to flip to other networks (or clean the bathroom) ’cause sometimes the pauses are too long
  2. tom brady, tho i respect him, and i think he is the superman of the football version, is nowhere as cute as women make him out to be.
  3. may induce me to do random pterodactyl screeches
  4. run ! run ! run ! huge pileup on a dude with ball

page 3 : so after all before i die, i get to see a beauty pageant where women don’t need to strut around in skimpy, itty, bitty bikinis and high heels…. beauty pageants are idiotic, which not only demeaning to women, but also objectify them and disrespectful in general, and probably the contestants don’t have seven brain cells amongst them all put together….. i know this “not parading women in bikinis” may be a shortlived stuff, because most women are insecure and they don’t have self-respect and they measure their worth in terms of their appearance and the endorsement of the same from men, which is really sad; so i can foresee all these “liberal” women in the name of equality want to become objects for men to comment and america is really superficial for a developed country with typical male foolishness and women’s lack of self-respect; i almost get into fights at cosmetics counters when poor, idiotic sales women say something stupid like, “he would really like you in this …. xyz” and when did this notion became predominant that equality means shedding clothes and to parade around in almost no clothes whatsoever  ! and yes, i realize that even india is walking in the same path but then again india is no different from any other country and there were only a handful of women like me who really have any brains or balls to not give a fuck about what people think ! i probably watched one pageant so far in my life and i thought it was like selling a horse or a cow ! you know, how they look at the teeth and the flank and how they strut, etc. there must be something wrong with women who would want to to do this and to have their worth determined by someone else. and also, more than this, i abhor child beauty pageants with a passion and i am appalled that there is no law to prevent this. little girls almost behaving like adults and mimicking the behavior of what they see on tv; somedays i grind my teeth when i see the way young girls dress (during my commute or on the roads); i can’t understand how parents can send their daughters out like that. yes, yes, i know that we have different standards for boys and girls and i would fight for equality but until the world is “equal” and men are pigs, so i would protect my daughter at all costs and i would teach my son to respect girls (and women)…. ! till the boys learn to respect, i would teach my daughter to first respect herself and then kick the boys in their balls to teach them the way to respect her….  i usually walk around with an expression on my face “next time you whistle at me, i will break your teeth” – well, enough rant for the night and the feminist me is quite pleased for now…..

oh just an fyi, page 3 is a term synonymous with bare-breast women in that the uk tabloid sun used to publish women with bare breasts.

and oh, patriots won but they made three crucial mistakes which pissed me off as i want them to improve their game as their opponents are getting better (as they will) – but all in all, a great start for my team. also, i must give kudos to cleveland browns for tying the game (after lagging behind most of the time)

et bonne nuit !