patriots !!


i lost ten years of my life watching last night’s game and i was cowering in a corner, pulling my hair and biting my nails and my whole body was a tight ball of stress… the funny thing was i knew patriots are gonna win from way back when, but man it was intense !! but as brady so succintly put it (and follows it up by proving it) “i love winning” and they are the best for now !

homage to my boys & respect to the most passionate, dedicated, honorable, & hardest working group of men i’ve ever seen. the integrity, love and passion these guys share for the game will echo throughout their legacy… much respect to the g.o.a.t ! much respect to pat maholmes (chiefs’ qb) but he is still young and he will be another brady & g.o.a.t in progress !!

one more fucking superbowl and here we come !!

allons-y patriots !! you got this !!

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