hi there all you wonderful souls !

i am morphing through my life like a chrysalis and there are changes everywhere as far as i could see.

i finally gotten used to my train rides. the transit time wasn’t that much of difference than the old days, but because of the way the other train seems to rattle, it felt like my new travel time is kind of slow and i felt (and somedays i do feel) every minute of my 50 minute or an hour commute and by the end of ,my journey (either going to work or back from work), my bum is completely numb, my legs and body stiff, and bladder completely full. but now a days i am used to these and i don’t feel those aches and pains.

praise be to heavens, my book reading has gone up considerably having finished four books in a span of a month. confession: i’m not reading book books, i am reading the downloaded pdf formatted ebooks on my ipad and i’m ashamed to admit this, but i’m taking the easy way out and preferring books to reading on ipad on account of lack of enough room to hold a book and this is true as the trains’ seats are not conducive for book reading even though i have seen some passengers carrying books (sheepish look). i am currently reading margaret atwood’s handmaid’s tale, another book i wanted to read forever and never found time.

as you all probably have recognized by this time, i have a thing for galaxies, space and other such nature related things and i have finally read the book “the alchemist – paulo coelho”

the year i wanted to read was the year i lost julien, and so the book was set aside. so when i finally finished this book last week, i was kind of stunned in a happy way as this boy in the book could be me. it’s by far my favorite book to ever exist; its a lovely story about a boy who travels from spain to egypt looking for the treasure he dreamed about multiple times. the boy meets many people on his quest to the desert including a gypsy, a merchant, the love of his life and an alchemist.

while reading this book and this boy’s journey, i remembered the time when julien and i tried to go climbing a mountain in kansas. in case you are not aware of it, kansas is a plain. my love for hiking was nurtured by julien and he used to climb alps and other mountains on account he was born filthy rich and his parents did all these holidays in glamorous places. so he when he was down in kansas visiting me, he chatted with some natives and they told him about this mountain we could go climb and so come sunday morning, he ifitted me and himself with gloves, hat, big jacket and hiking boots and we bundled into a car and we went a distance and we started trekking. french are polite and so he was silent and not asking about this mountain, as we can’t see any and we were both looking over the horizon, but nothing… so we kind of went up a bit of a hill and then we finally asked our guide where this mountain could be, and he was like you are standing on it !! and we bursted out laughing as this was not even a hill, it’s like a anthill..

anyway, back to the alchemist. this book is a great book if you ever find yourself stuck at a cross road and you need answers about love and life… i mean, what other questions does one have about life ? there are many teachings and lessons across his journey and i was completely transported in his journey and yes i find myself as i often do, at a cross road and it’s a nice understanding for me to know that no matter it’s good or bad, the treasure will be worth it especially when you find it where you least expect it.

may be it struck a chord as i am trying to figure out if i should give myself a chance at happiness with the american boy, not knowing if it could lead somewhere or if i would get terribly bored and chuck him aside. (i have the attention span of a gnat when it comes to boys and i don’t want to rob him of a good relationship if he is in one). but as the king in the book tells this boy, “when you really want something to happen, the whole universe will conspire so that your wish comes true”…. so don’t know, but i’m wishing this would happen that i’ll have a fling or a relationship with ze american boy, and let the magic begin 🙂

the house which i really wanted to buy was found to have a big problem, and so i discarded that and am looking for another one. and alas, the place where i live now, doesn’t seem to have my particular kind of house for the price i want to spend. and again i really wish i could read what my boy really thinks of me, for example, that he is bonkers over me or he detests me, because i would love to share my house with the american boy (in the list of my priorities, he is now at fourth position – god, my cats, me, and then american boy). and so if he likes me, i would buy a house keeping him in mind… but i have till june to suss him out i guess. and oh, in my kitchen, i have his passport photo. i forgot that i had his photo as when i first joined the company i took it home to scan and i completely forgot and the other day i was clearing out my so called wallet (it’s falling apart) and out it fell and now i stuck it next to my coffee pot. well, bon jour, mon ami !

anyway, i have been driving around on the weekends looking at houses with my specs and so far i haven’t fallen in love with any. but i know i will find my dreamy little cottage where i can have french garden and flowers with nectar to have a little butterfly garden and birds.

plans for this year also include, buying a bmw x6… i am dreaming of a bmw, as both my boy cars are older and they are still running, but i would love a new car (or buy a reasonably older year and modify for drag racing)

i was thinking about this french canadian i dated once – jean-pierre drove in formula one and he was like a millionaire (investment banker). he used to make fun of me saying that he only did highschool and he was a millionaire and i have all these degrees and tha i’m not. i told him that money is easy to make if you have like two neurons but all the people who make money, may not be entirely happy and they don’t enjoy life… i don’t spend a lot of time thinking about making money, but importantly i’m content and i enjoy my life. i told him to go fuck himself when he asked me to be his wife, but just stay home and be a wife. i don’t fit that bill but true, somedays i do feel that i should have taken him up on his offer.

i’ll be rich – that is not a big problem as i have more than two neurons plus no distractions of a family and oodles of time to use my brains. i just went through a rough road, but i’m in final stages of smoothing my way, and probably it would take me another year to start playing with money. i can’t do that just now as i have kids and i don’t have enough spare money to play with, in case i need it for their emergency vet bills.

but then again, i don’t want to be super rich at the expense of my enjoyment or my happiness. i want to have enough to take care of my bills and emergencies and then the rest would be for sport. and then, i look at people around me with monies but not happy. and they teach me things and i learn very studiously. my boss keeps asking, how can you stand me, even when i can’t stand myself ? the answer is very simple and alas, i could never say this to her directly. i feel sorry for my boss. she is extremely intelligent, hard working, very fair and very rich. i admire her immensely, but she is one of the unhappiest people i’ve met. i think sometimes riches do that to you. somehow all that money can’t give you contentment or happiness. i understand her misery but i can’t help her as happiness is something which should come from within you. and so i try and make her work life a bit easy by doing my job and am hoping to help her be content and happy.

i think it’s very important to live a life of content and bliss. happiness is never a constant because it’s relative and there are things which could make you immensely sad but if you are content, happiness becomes a hue of you and makes you glow.

my boys patriots have come to their final leg of the race and to get that superbowl. recently in the news, there was a daft kid who won a science fair by doing a silly little experiment and thus proving “tom brady cheated”. i try and not insult kids as they are still learning and their minds are sill blank. what i would like to do is first find the science fair judges and give them a whooping and then find the guy who generously gave me a copy of that article (at work) but didn’t have enough balls to admit that he did.

what he forgot was or he didn’t know was, that i am a scientist. we are arrogant and we know how to make you feel small because we know science. the kid’s experiment is totally invalid as he experiments with footballs which weighed different lbs, like 5 lbs, 6 lbs, etc. but there is an physics law known as “ideal gas law”. where it says that if the volume is constant, the air pressure drops with temp fluctuations and the mass changes are insignificant as the air weighs nothing and this whole experiment was an exercising in irritating me and trying to distract patriots from winning the superbowl. but tom brady and patriots got this !

in the end, after all the dust has settled from a trying ordeal and the universe finally gives you some signs that begin to reveal things you didn’t know but in hindsight you see the writing on the wall and what you’ve found.

anyway, whether you are the american boy or tom brady… hear this, for i shall say this only once…

“once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen”

see you soon !

love and light 😘

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