hello february

february already feels confused – like blizzards and birds… like the stuff dreams are made of. by this time everyone i know, came to know my plans to buy a house. after going through my current neighborhood and finding no cottages with my specs i came to a realization that it doesn’t matter how big the house is, what matters is that it should feel like home. so i probably going to head back to my old neighborhood… houses with a past and character and probably lots of stories to tell.

“two bubbles found they had rainbows on their curves.
they flickered out saying: it was worth being a bubble, just to have held that rainbow thirty seconds.” (carl sandberg)

it’s enchanting to imagine a bubble finding joy in its brief existence.

february is enchanting and i can sense that spring is in the air… magic is in the air and nature is magical. it has a way of softening your heart without you even knowing. time moves so fucking fast and before i even realized it, it’s almost valentine’s day and yes i have a date or two….

i met this blonde boy who works for goldman sachs on the train who i named “god’s bankers” because that was the book he is currently reading. anyway we usually travel home together in the evening and we find ourselves seated in the same row sometimes next to him and sometimes with someone in between us (three seater) and today i was at a different end of the train and i had my eyes glued to my book all through the journey and when it was almost time for my stop i lifted my head up to find “god’s bankers staring” at me from the other end of the train and i wondered what happened to his book. oh well, here’s an interesting development i thought as he is cute in a way as i never really saw him as we usually sit next to each other. i made it a point to look into his eyes before i got off… i believe in having a backup plan.

i’m still reading the handmaid’s tale and i have about 100 pages to go. the other day something funny (?!?) happened. when i get to a interesting section in a book, i really can’t wait to get back to it and my best reading times nowadays are during my commute and so there i was behind a couple of blokes who are talking and i was behind them to get on the train and they don’t fucking move… they are letting everybody else get in front of them and here i was trapped and of course, i went “for fuck sake” and one guy was like “let the girl with the cloud on her head get in first..” well, fuck you, i thought, but i got in and happily read my book.

the handmaid’s tale is so damn beautiful. it’s the perfect metaphor or hyperbole for how the world works. for fear, for extremism and dangerous mindsets.

it’s a fucking masterpiece and it portraits reality through an extremely talented way and oh boy i love the characters. such powerful and fucking inspiring women!

the handmaid’s tale brings out such an important message out there. about a “ woman’s place” (very true reference) and a woman’s power and desire to fight back. it’s filled with the most relevant messages and lessons. for all of you out there that refuse to accept not just than the lack of gender equality but also the lack of understanding (about everything). i mean it’s a variation of my story or any woman who have to actually go through so much crap just to exist. most of the people live in their own version of reality but the reality is completely stunning and numbing.

a couple of days ago i had lunch with my boss as for some reason y’all, everyone wants to have lunch with me now a days and she was like tell me how you came to this country and the short version is my father gave me an ultimatum either get out of india or marry my cousin. i, of course, got out and i am the card carrying black sheep of my family because i did things my way. i am not trying to be disrespectful to my parents because they were confined to the social norms and they didn’t like to break any even if it makes them happy. and i understood them as they were caught between society and their daughter. but i have decided a long time ago, well, in fact after i read fountain head that i would be a howard roark and be true to no one else but me.

we recently had a week of frigid weather and i worked from home as i couldn’t really risk standing in the cold weather waiting for a train as i would surely die of asthma. but i had to go out one day and i poured a glass of hot water so i can get the car door open and then i locked my front door and got into my car leaving the keys on the passenger seat and then realized that the car was severely freezing and so decided i would go and fetch gloves and beanie from the house and in my haste i shut the car door forgetting that i left my house keys inside and of course, the car door froze itself again. and i looked up and noticed one of my cats is at the window, staring at me. and he paws at the window lightly and meowed. it’s devastating. his eyes are so big and imploring. and my heart broke and decided that i have to get back inside my house at all costs. not even god himself can stop me from reaching my cats and feeding them their wet food dinner. a greek god may materialize out of the frozen mists and ask me “hey you wanna bang ?” and i would be like ‘hell yeah but first let me get this car door open so i can feed my cats his dinner” i remember there is a hand sanitizer in my purse which may have a bit of alcohol and so i took that out and rubbed it on the key hole and the sides where the door contacts with the rest of the car and also methodically poured the same over the door frame and after a bit the door moved a little bit, but didn’t quite open and screeching like a pterodactyl, i pulled the door with all i got and thus released the frozen grip of the door… i grabbed the keys (after lowering the window of the car and starting the car to warm the interior) and opened my house and ran upstairs and yelled  “mommy’s home my little babies and don’t worry”at my cats… and minnu started purring and trying to climb me like he always does every time i came home and the others looked confused wondering why i got back home so soon….

there you have it.  a warm end to my frozen story.