say hello to little peanut, my latest rescue ! also categorize this under stupid things i do. i took off from work early as i got an alert that there would be flash flood. it’s been raining cats & dogs lately and the ground is so saturated and ripe for floods.

anyway, there i was got off the train & almost squished this little one. i think it’s a baby robin, and it was raining, so i picked her up, trying to find the mum. the parent birds were circling & i wasn’t sure where i should leave this one. and after carrying this little one for a whole half hour and i tried to put the bird in her nest. but i am short in height & so when i tried to use to a stick to place the baby, she fell again and was unconscious. my heart broke into a million pieces, and so i revived the bird and decided that she probably has better chances with me and she probably won’t survive if i leave it out.

i got into my car with the bird and cried a lot and prayed and asked god to watch over this one as a favor for me.

i made her a little nest and put her in a box and the box in a closet. i fed her a bit of cat food and i probably will give her more feedings of bananas & more cat food till i go to sleep. tomorrow i will buy her some eggs as well.

so now i’m a mumther for this lil peanut as well and hopefully i will post more updates on her well being.  #raising a chick in a house full of cats


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