what’s with the boys i date (or marry) and kayaks ? the boy declared that he would like us to go kayaking, as soon as the weather permits and i’m like you are insane because i’m pretty much convinced that i would drown in my own bath-tub… i hate any activities on water, like tubing (which i did and felt that i may drown), boating (which i did and felt that i may drown), almost surfing (and pretty much drowned) ! one of the guys i date a while back (before i was married), wanted us to go to belize on his boat or a yacht or whatever the goddamn thing americans buy and so no my dear boy, we ain’t doing that or to be precise, i’m not doing any kayaking but you may !

also we are thinking we will go salsa dancing (i do dance salsa, the boy doesn’t as he is a neanderthal) and take a language class possibly german or japanese. when i realized that i might take any class with the boy, something awakened in me…. like in a kinky sort of way….. like it makes me wet just to think that !

i forgot to mention but i did go to a therapist. i sat at the edge of my chair, didn’t even remove my jacket,all my stuff on my lap. as soon as the introductions were done, i told him that i may not talk or worse, i may run away as that’s the best thing i always good at. he said not to worry but to just chat. he was picked by my doctor but if i decide to continue i may find someone nearer to my home.

healthwise, i have gone back to the gym #hallelujah, #praise the lord and hopefully i will stay but i may quit the gym at my work and continue the one near my house. and oh, remember my cholesterol being almost 220 !?! my doctor repeated the test because she wasn’t certain and it’s normal levels now and everything is peachykeen but she wants to repeat it again in about three months which is fine by me. come next week, i am thinking of moving my money into government bonds as the market is quite uncertain due to corona. speaking of corona as my boss & others travel a lot, i may opt for flexible work place option and work from home as i have no interest in contracting flu or corona as people in general are very unhygienic and no consideration for other people. and one of the other reasons why i was driving in every day was because of other passengers in public transportation.

february is coming to a close and la de fucking da ! i could have done without the goddamn heartache. and wow my emotions really are hot garbage this week huh. i cried a river, build a bridge and got over it. i bit off a piece of golden thread and wove the strand through the pieces of my heart with a needle – to hold myself together. then i listened to sad and angry and beautiful music and i wrote about everything that makes the world stop and also what makes it spin again. i went and had a coffee with the boy and we hiked and biked to a forest, took a nap for an hour, fucked hard on the still cold ground, and got dirty from lying on the ground but didn’t care about it. i know that that the fractures seal and they may leave a scar but like a broken leg, i have learnt to dance with a limp before and sense the rain is coming by the ache. i honestly think, it wasn’t that bad of a heartbreak anyway because in my heart of hearts i knew he wasn’t for me but sometimes i am dumb, what can i say ? my friends think that i should raise a flag of my hideous act of dumbness ! but great things came out of this as the boy promised he will go to church with me this sabbath and i’m like achievement unlocked ! now if i get him to return tithes and to have him go to church with me every week, half the war is won (also may be have him become a vegetarian) ! but baby steps !

our story starts small. starts with bread crumbs and becomes constellations. our hands a postage stamp to explore each other. our hearts tethered by a thread. at night we have lain awake, naked for a story that started mid sentence. untraveled roads and unraveled dreams. someone else’s language on my tongue with an aftertaste of other people’s name. like i am supposed to be somewhere else. like you carried me elsewhere. this is all just sweet happenstance. we can call it hope. we can color it lemon yellow and bright blue like a prism of our seeing and meeting.

i hope this won’t be necessary but let it be known that this too will pass. pain is temporary and so are the situations.

one day i’ll be having my christmas dinner with the family i chose, maybe i’ll have gone to another, colder country to make it really feel like christmas, and i’ll watch the grinch, and i’ll never remember the past and all i have to do is wait for the storm to pass.

there’s nothing i can’t endure. i’ll just start making a plan and slowly organize my next life.

into the fog

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february has been foggy a lot and during those misty, foggy, daze (days), my morning commute has been absolutely divine….. i love driving through these mists listening to the classical music and if bach or vivaldi is on, it’s better than an orgasm and not even a great orgasm comes close (and i should know about all those orgasms) to what i feel at that time !

some things fall apart, some change into something else and some just fade away…

february is coming to a close and for a leap year, it ain’t all that bad !

(all those buildings are center city philly where i can’t even see the skyline because of the mists and a few near my lovely neighborhood)


i have become bold in recent days, stripping each layer of myself, becoming hopelessly vulnerable again.i thought  i dreamt that i had something to say but i didn’t wake up in time to tell you. i have been a shadow and a hostage in your hands. i squeeze my fists together, the redness turning white, bare bone begging to be covered by your fluttering lips. but you won’t know me and you won’t come back. in this universe, i’m quite wide awake under the orange sky, my heart butterfly opened by a car crash dream. in another universe, i’m small and happy on a passenger seat, with you driving. like i imagined countless times. look, there is another broken dream lodged in my teeth. it’s almost tomorrow somewhere, but here now, today, feels like a tomorrow. i already had another life and in spite of doing my best to take a train departing to the opposite direction, here i’m at the same train station, holding onto the ticket for happiness and a clenched jaw. i thought i was getting better facing my darkness.  because whatever happens later, i’ll never escape what i’m. all these twisted, broken thoughts, please tell me they’re not all i’m…

i don’t know how to say that i’m happy for you with a smile on my face. how do you look someone in the eye that you love and tell them that you’re happy they found someone else ? i do so and i can feel my heart exploding inside my chest. but i’m happy for you, i truly am. i’m happy you’re happy, i just will always wish it was with me.

i wish you knew i will miss you in the loving ways and at least i didn’t lose you to death this time !

adieu american boy !


i would love to have a week of saturdays… these past few days were gloomy and colder than usual, where february was behaving like april, and my twins were cooped up inside the house and i read myself to oblivion. this weekend was promised to be warmer.  on friday, i thought i’d be clever and go to bed early, get a full night of sleep; worked great until i sat up fully awake at 3 am with my brain holding a knife to my throat like, “don’t test me bitch” and so on saturday as it was promised to be warmer, i woke up bright and early (again) around 4:30 am and waited patiently for the sun to come up and warm us up so we all could go out for a bit of fresh air. and as of 8:00 am the temps were still at 28 f, practically a  heat wave considering it was 17 f at 4:30 am. by the time we actually got to go out was about 3 pm but sunday was warmer still and the boys and i got to go out and frolic. this afternoon i went on a long ass walk with the boy and it was incredible.we walked along this river and it was a really small one but it had big river energy lots of small islands and old,very old broken down buildings. one thing we saw was the fundament of an old mill and i just fell in love with that path we took. merveilleux  !! with each outing in nature, i step deeper into a wonderland (like alice’s)

i stayed and worked from home on valentine’s day as my furnace was acting funny and i scheduled someone to come and take a look. when the boy found out, he sent me one rose every hour starting at 8 am till he came to have supper with me around 7ish pm and he got me another dozen roses. needless to say, i loved all his effort at romance even though it was not his original idea. you see, my love, julien sent me 19 bouquets of roses on my 19th birthday ! we sat out for a bit in bitter cold looking at the stars till our bums were numb.

he did the valentines date night the next day where he cooked me dinner and chocolate fondue and later we sat on his couch, legs intertwined, and watched “corner gas” and laughed  so much because it is such a funny show and heavily made out like a couple of teenagers.  it was my turn to do the valentines date and this saturday and took him to a jazz restaurant; confession: there was this really nice jazz restaurant i wanted to go, but i am thinking i would go there with american boy if we ever hook-up and what does this say about me ? i’m known to break things with my bare hands, in a bloodied knuckles type of way. it’s just me and my thoughts at 3 am. it’s not really a secret how i’m always soft for him. all silk and rose and honey under the beaming full moon. my telescope heart has seen all the winding roads and blinding lights, but home still leads me back to the comfort of his voice which is like a soundtrack for my summer.

the night sky knows me too well and sometimes i wonder if you maybe see me whenever you look up even then the familiarity of uncertainty filled the room; old ghosts knocking at the door. . i tiptoe through the doubts and the reminiscent touches of lovers who don’t understand that love is not an elixir for everything. and past it all, there is this boy who stands with a laugh that is as bright as a daydream and a smile that plays like an endless loop in my head. like the stories of how two people met and it was nothing short of serendipitous and everything romantic, but there is something hazy, about the way i free fall into this feeling. still, it all feels liberating. what i am trying to say is, he makes me weightless and it is great to be in my own skin and the fact that i don’t have to try and impress him at all.

to love is not to imagine that we love; it’s to act as though we loved and that’s how we discover, one day, that we truly love.  jacques de bourbon-busset, french writer

hope you all had a wonderful valentine’s as well even if it is something the greeting card companies concocted.

Bises !

perchance to dream

this week threw me in for a loop and it was all heartachy. i have to let go of another one of my babies and it broke my heart all over again. i became less selfish and learned to let go of them, but goddamnit, the void is immense and i feel like i can’t breathe. and the feeling is worse when my babies die suddenly with no illness symptoms.

anyway, the week was rough. i also had my health check-up and i passed all the numbers but my cholestorl number went beyond optimum and came goddamn close to 220. i think that is ok for now considering the high levels of stress and anxiety i was going though or may be me not going to gym #sidelook. but will sure to get it retested in a couple of months to make sure i’m not slacking off with my health.

in the meantime, my doc keeps pushing me to get therapy because after a long time, i told her what happened to me. i find it easier to write as i remove myself from this and write as a third party. but i know she is right as i have seriously been thinking about getting married as well; after my husband’s death i didn’t think of marriage or even relationship as even before his passing, life kept knocking me down, and i kept getting up only to get knocked down. honestly i didn’t have any strength left to care for someone else and also tbh it wasn’t easy to keep going. and the doctor keep pushing me to see someone to get therapy for reasons, as i have successfully detached myself from anything which would cause me pain or anxiety which includes any commitments to either people or things or places.

so i decided i should write down my feelings so you and i can read it, so i can face them, acknowledge them, confront them and analyse them as clearly, currently i am not. it’s been about 6 years since my husband’s death and i still don’t know how to process my own feelings. i am trained scientist, so i clinically diagnosed myself, separated them out and precipitated them in a dark corner. i can write about them, from an observer’s perspective. i’m able to offer myself a mirrored pool of thought, but i can’t feel them. i swallowed all of my feelings and survive on them. there have been days, weeks, when i refused to eat,unable stomach food because of the large stone of emotion i carry in my stomach.

but as i am thinking of letting someone into my life, and wanting to commit to a marriage, i want nothing more than to know this person, aka me, again. i hate myself for carrying this anger at myself, guilt and sadness. i can see clearly the sunny place beyond the gloom and darkness and i wish to be there, free. but i know i have to face this darkness, and go through it again, and expel the stormy clouds but i don’t know how. sometimes, i wonder if it is justified. is it ? i want to walk through life gushing with love for humans. i hate myself for having this darkness in my heart. i have contemplated ending my life more than once. i want to be in control of my entire existence.

i think it is only fair for this man, whoever it may be, who wants to be my other half. and i have to let him come closer to me and let him to get to know me.

personally i think the hardest part about getting to know me isn’t just his insecurities, or fears, or hesitations. it’s mine. in effect he will be fighting a war in my head and my heart that’s derived from every person’s let down that’s comes before him. . so now here you are fitting no mold, you were never like anyone else, and you’re trying to break through a cast that seems to be  miles deep while bearing your own cast of steel. it’s heavy and it’s hard but every once in a while you get this glimpse of what’s behind the wall and you know it’ll all be worth it. and you know that even if you’re not the one who takes the last piece of that wall down, you’ll have helped heal what’s behind it in hopes that someone more deserving than you gets to see what i’ve gone to the depths of hell protecting. i’m often lost in doubt  my actual aspirations are too ambitious; yet my self-doubt even more determined, hence i stick myself in the same day after day, year after year instead of chasing a lighting that is a pledge of a fire that’ll consume me.

i am hoping that someone (even if slightly) pick up on the hints of my misery mirroring hamlet’s misery (in his soliloquy), smile as i do when you hear “perchance to dream” or pick your own strings of words, and doubt the cowardice he blames on conscience.

the funny thing about healing is that it comes from within our own, singular minds. we may think we need other people to save us, but i know now that’s all just smoke and mirrors. we believe what we feel to be true. but truth has no interest in making us feel whole. truth takes us and breaks us, fragments our hearts, destructs the careful realities we have constructed in our minds to make us happy. your thoughts can save you but your thoughts can also kill you. truth and belief are no friend of each other when we’re talking about peace (piece) of mind. believe what you can while you can, because here i’m again, lying in bed, and i haven’t felt safe in years when i am with humans.

we don’t need other people to make us feel whole, but we believe that we need other people to make us feel whole. and that’s the human difference.

rite of spring

le premier février ! well technically it’s le 2 fevrier today. yesterday when i woke up i was greeting my cats with a happy “bonjour, aujourd’hui c’est le premier février” and my kitty boy horus thought it was just the bees knees and got very happy and excited and i figured out that he loved the sound of “le premier février” for whatever reason and so i kept saying it to him and he kept squeaking with joy ! oh yes my dears, i do speak in french to my cats and they are bilingual or trilingual as they understand english, french and speak meow. one time, (a long time ago as now i’m an orphan) i was talking to parents in my mother tongue and this was the first time my kids heard me speak in a different language and you should have seen their little faces which are full of exclamation and confusion !

honestly guys, it’s the most beautiful beginning for any given year and i’m goddamned pleased to have a whole month of spring / winter mix…. days are pleasantly springish and nights are winterish. i have started on my garden of spring mixes and ordered some potting soil and bulbs.

so the boy was in netherlands (he is back now) attending some training conference and i was in church on friday evening for sabbath services when he started texting me on the various things he thinks are relevant to “what makes an innovative society ?” and some of his weird thoughts included, mushrooms, being gay,fascism…. i was struggling to not giggle and i finally had to shut off my phone.

been a long week in a series of long weeks (all good but very tiring) and now it’s time to settle into some hot chocolate and gobble up a night you & i will love. boy and i went to bach’s “mass in b minor” at the kimmel center. it was done by philly orchestra conducted by yannick nézet-séguin. i love dolling up in sequenced gowns and giving the car for valet parking. afterwards boy took me to a gay coffee bar and said “you can enjoy the view” for it’s full of good looking gay men and alas, what a waste !

this week’s one of the highlights is american boy pouting for two days, and i believe he is still pouting, for reasons, which makes me super confused as i’m not sure how to translate. his name is stuck in my teeth like popcorn. do you feel me in your bones, like i’m an inescapable force. constantly finding ourselves in the same orbit. like i’m sure how the moon felt the first few millennia she spent struggling to break off course.. nature is absolute. no matter how we try and deny it.

for the record, i wasn’t chasing him as he showed no interest and he can ask me out if he chooses to, but he also should realize that unlike all the women he is used to, i’m super intelligent, opinionated & well read and not to mention i will knock him down if he tries to put me down. having said that, i’ve no intention of putting my life on hold while he is making up his fucking mind.

i named some people in my department as pea brains and i don’t have to explain why as the name is self explanatory. the boy is currently working on a short story based on the tidbits i feed him.

the first month of the year has been both refreshing and exhausting with equal measure. i started the year full of motivation and ideas ready to be explored, but sometimes, and by sometimes i mean always, life decides to throw some hurdles your way. i don’t want to dwell on the negativity though. they say, “better days are coming”, but love, sometimes, things don’t really happen. they don’t materialize; don’t work out. some things just don’t come better when you don’t start making something good out of the bad days.  i feel like a frozen dragon for now and but don’t count me out as my heart is still on fire.

Also, as it’s superbowl, go san francisco patriots !