my life in a circle…


for the past few days it has been humid and no relief in sight and it also rained a bit. past weekend was very nice with a couple of nice days… i gardened while my kids frolicked in the lawn.

and a rant: a couple of days ago, i was going downstairs to pick up the pizza (don’t ask) for the office with another girl and we were both in a fitness challenge and i was telling her how i keep putting on weight because of my asthma (steroids = lipogenic, lipocentric + hunger) and this one woman in the elevator was like and also when one becomes middle aged. she is overweight, probably from eating all the goddamn pizza in the world and even though i was polite and nodded, this co-op girl and i both looked at each and once she left the elevator, i was like “bitch, did i fucking ask you ?” and we both giggled.

i have become really restless and there is no joy currently because i haven’t been dancing and i am putting in a healthy amount of time at the gym and while i feel my inches coming off, my scale isn’t budging. i am just hoping i would continue to work out without any major pauses due to unwelcomed asthma episodes. i keep bleating to sandalwood about my weight, and he keeps saying, even tho you are overweight, you are cute with a sexy smile and that some people may have good figure, they are ugly. and while this is true, it doesn’t help. and of course, even when i was thin as a rake, i never wanted to be with someone who just wanted me for my looks and sandalwood, i thank god, is a lovely person who appreciates me for who i’m and that he isn’t a shallow person and i really would like to look good for him.

also, me putting in time at my work gym is the key i think as usually to go to gym near my house, i am dependent on my idiot friend jack, who disappears for days and i get lazy; if not that it would be some other goddamn reason; and also did i mention that the gym which was closer to my home closed down which majorly fucked me up. so, i am thinking i would try and put in time at my work and then put in extra work at a gym. but i am thinking of going salsa dancing… let’s see what my future days bring.

the other day jack and i had dinner and i kept telling him, “touch me, touch me” because now a days my arms are like rocks and yes there is still fat in them and i have miles to go but at least i am on a properly motivated road. and at this point, i must share my appreciation for my colleague eric, the silent one. he is so ripped and when i walk behind him, i keep admiring his muscles, if you know what i mean. my boy, sandalwood, isn’t ripped. he is well endowed, but he doesn’t work out that much.

here is a story which tim from my work and i share. from our windows we can see a construction site with a crane perched on top and i have been observing this crane for every day like almost a year now and it’s fascinating to watch the crane operation. i feel close to the “crane boy” and i keep updating tim about his activities. the other day we both stood in our conference room and watched the crane boy work a bit and i was telling tim that i am in a long distance relationship with crane boy and he said, you will be broken-hearted once the crane is gone. i told him, broken heart is part of life. i wanted to take a photo of my crane today, but i forgot. may be monday.

every day when i get home, my kittyboy, minnu, always jump into my arms or keep following me telling me “mum pick me up, pick me up” and he wants me to pick him up so he can hug me and coo in my ears and it’s cute to watch his efforts trying to get to my neck to snuggle by jumping from table to table; but here is the thing. usually by the time i get home, my bladder is full and i am like “i need to pee, i need to pee” and i usually end up picking him up and bring him with me to the toilet.

last sunday, sandalwood and i went to museum… i am not sure if i ever mentioned or not, but he has nice chiseled looks with greenish/blue eyes which mesmerize (see the gratuitous photo i posted).  honestly tho, in this photo he actually looks adultish because of his little stubble and when he shaves it off, he looks like a child. when i look into his eyes, i feel like a little fish and that i am swimming in them… 😊  i told him one time, when we went to movies, shouldn’t that be one adult, one child (when he was purchasing two adult tickets) and he said without pausing, i think it should be one adult and one senior citizen… bastard ! but my age or weight doesn’t bother me a bit, as i look young and unless i divulge it, no one can even guess. and of course, i fuck like a bunny. but still yes, i am trying to shed extra-fat as i would like to start dancing again. plus i think i have to meet his family at some point this year #sidelook.

it’s summer and i’m letting my hair grow long and i’ve learned to shout secrets at the stars while spending my nights snuggling with sandalwood, our t-shirts soaked with sweat, and catching myself in the mirror and thinking, i’m looking a bit taller and older; tired and itching and trying to escape into the sun, to feeling the burn of sunrays against my skin and i just feel furious, and fragile and free.


*02/23/2002 – 07/18/2018*

i have been in need to lean on a soft heart for a while now. it’s a lonely city to be sad in. trees, at least, let you be quiet and alone without anyone’s eyes on you. but there’s no mossy place for me to land on here. there’s no scent of wood chips and the soft, soft morning light in my bedroom window. i’m trying to articulate myself because i’m alone and can’t be alone right now and don’t know who to reach out to hold me, because i can’t hold myself.

everyone says that a mother loves all her kids the same way. it is not true. last wednesday i took my kitty boy, anubis, for a procedure and his little heart stopped during that procedure and it broke my heart. it was the worst feeling i ever have gone through. again. i felt that way when julien died but since then i lost my child, my husband, my dad and my mum and i never ever felt this deep sadness. i felt my heart being ripped off and i honestly think i wouldn’t be able to cope with the anxiety and the anguish. this sadness is a deep well. when i brought him home later, i went and sat at a church and had a full on conversation with god  and later i stuttered out apologies and all the ‘i love you’s while holding his lifeless body and didn’t know who i should be dedicating my words to. i was fortunate enough to have been loved by him so much as well. all my kitty babies love me, but he loved me just a pinch more. he and i had such a bond. god, i ache, i ache, i ache.

i don’t know what to do with the texts and phone calls saying ‘i’m sorry for your loss,’ and even more so i’m not okay with the fact that my vets felt awful or that they were sorry. anubis may not be a human child or i may not have given birth to him but he was blood to me. without him i wouldn’t think this world would be such a beautiful place. i am not sleeping well these days and i miss him. a lot. i wish i could hold him again and keep saying ‘i love you’ ‘i love you ‘i love you’. i don’t want to cry but my hands keep shaking. fuck the sympathy cards. fuck all of them who can’t understand what he meant to me. he was important to me and he was my baby and i lost him. i am trying so hard to stay okay. i don’t want to cry.


first of all, it’s great to be here despite the fact that i want to give up every single fucking day. i thank god and my kitties mostly and pascal obispo (french singer) for motivating me to look at life in a positive way.

i am tripping with possibilities. sitting on my bed listening to bach and listening to my kitty, buttons, telling me some soft and gentle things. i got home early today because i wanted to just rest and am waiting now for the boy to bring some take away. he texted me that he will bring something french or thai. and i was thinking it is nice to find a love one doesn’t question.  love is a funny thing. sometimes it’s exciting and passionate and sometimes it’s altogether something else. it’s more comfortable and familiar. and oh also, the other day, le boy and i went to california pizza kitchen and i was pleasantly surprised as the food was exquisite.

i was thinking about sandalwood and how he makes me feel loved in private and comfortable in silence. i always wanted a man who buys me books, and flowers for no reason and kisses me on my nose or my forehead and he does that.  and yet, i am sitting here and trying to reason with myself if i should marry him or not. i did say yes to him when he proposed but that yes came with a caveat. i told him i reserve the right to say no, and he said if needed, i could do that even while i am walking down the aisle.

i am slowly crawling towards my “wedding” even though i really shouldn’t. sandalwood lacks one fundamental thing which i am looking for, ie a man who believes in god and who would go to church with me. and he is not that. he is a wonderful person in all respects but that. and i am with him i think because i don’t want to be alone. no one wants to be alone and before you say it, he sort of told me that he would try and at least get into the church during services but it hadn’t happened yet. he still sits in his car in the parking lot. and i am waiting ?

the other day i bought this smashing gorgeous tiny little red dress for my birthday and i looked goddamned sexy in it. in spite of not caring about what others think how i look, i do secretly love it when i make someone breathless or when i catch people secretly looking at me or when cars honk at me and to my delight i started having that effect on other people again. and sandalwood said i looked stunning, but then again he always says that even when i looked like a beached whale. and i haven’t shed any of my squishy bits yet and i have a long ways to go but i am working towards it. more importantly i miss dancing. i need to be on a ballet floor as soon as possible.

i was totally fucked last week healthwise, as my lungs stopped working (epic asthma episode) and i was only able to breathe by using rescue inhaler every three hours and it was two days of sheer hell of not able to breathe, and throwing up no matter what i ate or drank, and i kept eating because i was so hungry but within few minutes i would throw up. the first day when my lungs shut down i just stayed in bed and not informed the boy but by that night, i was afraid i may either pass out or die and i needed him to know just in case, so he can take care of my kitties. he came promptly (away on work as usual) and he took care of me and cuddled me while i was weak and helpless.

he told me jokes and read me poems and we watched movies and agatha christie’s poirot (with david suchet and he is brilliant as poirot) together. sitting on my bed, he kept trying to kiss me, while i was trying to breathe and his mouth tasted a bit like metal and blood where i bit his lip. he teased me sexually and said he could make love to me if i wanted and i told him he would have to do all the work as i was too weak and that he would have to make sure that i get off and that i wanted my happy ending. he didn’t make love to me as i almost passed out with exertion, but he did give me a happy ending.  staring at the ceiling while comfortably tucked in his arms i thought the way things are.

the way i see things, he is like a summer thunderstorm, waking me up with the flashes and cracks against the clouded sky, tarrying and violent and sudden, constantly billowing in when i least expected. like when i sometimes end up in his passenger seat, holding his hand too tight on dark nights as he speeds around the bends in the road with careless ease. i am trying to be more than someone who wants comfort and pleasure; like someone who needed a chance to be wild and free.

but i am not yet in love with sandalwood and what is wrong with me ? i am deeply attracted to another person and there is something about the color of his eyes that drives me crazy. and to be fair to sandalwood, i have thoroughly walled up my feelings.

and on a side note, i have been shamelessly flirting with a couple of guys at my work (not my department) ! perhaps i am looking for that grand adventure of love or waiting for a french boy to bring me to my knees… (i have exclusively dated frenchies and married one but now i am dating an american)… yep, so there you have it… a summary of my so called love life.

i am very grateful and comfortable with sandalwood but i just want me to also be in love with him. can’t rush love i suppose.  in a few minutes, he would arrive and we would sit on my bed, eating, humidity wrapping our tanned skins and later he would be sipping wine. we sit together in a cuddle, and he will probably read “winnie the pooh” aloud as we are reading that book lately, and we both giggle… and one is never grown up enough to not read “winnie the pooh”.

on sunday we will be watching the fifa world cup with france and croatia. i am rooting for france for julien’s sake.  allez la france !

and even though i disappeared, and got used to saying goodbyes. and even though i force my lungs to keep breathing sadness, i am still not ready to talk about all the things which happened in my life, but i’m willing to listen. i keep telling myself that i hope i find exactly what i am looking for in all the places i least expect and i’m crossing my fingers that i don’t mess up.

ties that bind

i always wanted my love life to be a really grand adventure like that of my days with julien. since then it’s like “in search of lost time” and the love i find is actually very pleasant and quite restful but no grand adventure.

a recent development in my life which is kind of rippling my feelings is the american boy started going to the gym right the time when i am in the gym… i mean, i understand why tho as at that time the gym at our work is quite vacant as opposed to during lunch hour. the gym i used to visit near my house had closed down and i am in search of a gym which is really unfruitful and i am bouncing from one to another and feeling in general unmotivated. and since the closing of the gym i have not been working out which is a few months and my problems aka asthma related breathing issues, steroid related tummy and bloating issues started creeping back. and so i started going to my work gym and much to my surprise american boy started as well and tho i am pleased i am bit miffed. well can you blame me tho ? i aimed for a grand passion and excitement with him and wanted to go to pieces with him but it wasn’t so and now that i have sandalwood and i do appreciate him who understands me and wants to be with me in my quiet moments. and now here i am again and i am a bit confused with my feelings for this american boy. well que sera whatever will be and all that jazz i suppose..

in other news, last week was a busy week for me as wed, thurs, friday i took three cats to vet and after $600 later, found nothing is severely wrong with any of them and thank god for that, but i was exhausted. i get home around 6 and then take the kitties to vet around 7 pm after feeding the rest of the brood and get home around 9:30 and take a shower and get into bed. as if this is not enough, the workout i have been doing resulted in me being sore and boy, i was sore.

this sunday, i watched the movie ben-hur which is a remake and not the original ben-hur with charlton heston. while the cast looked more like middle easterners, like the jewish people in judea would have been, they wanted to make it politically correct where everyone is guilt free, etc and this honestly wanted me to go and puke my little guts out. i kept giggling at the actor who played jesus as he was quite awkward in dialogue delivery and looked quite cross. so every time he comes on the screen i was giggling at the jesus who looked cross.. 😊 but i cried my eyes out at the crucifixion or rather the journey to the cross as these scenes remind me how a thousand times i failed him and yet his mercy remains towards me and how much god loves us all and not as a whole human population but that he loved each and every person whoever lived on this planet earth. and i hastily add that jesus’ suffering and dying on the cross is not just about the physical pain and first death as many people in those times were crucified.

i made enough vegetable pottage to last me for like, three full days’ worth of meals. incredible. i spent sunday indoors as it was super muggy and hot and today surpassed sunday reading a god of small things. the boy that i’m seeing, sandalwood, texted me, saying he saw me walking through town while he was driving. i am lying curled in my bed , watching my lazy cats play and furl, play and furl in slow, slow rhythm — i thought “it’s nice to hear from him today.”

i’ve finished eating my stew a while ago but still i am so much warmer; all those spices and five cloves of garlic and turmeric will do that — fill you with a hazy hazy heat.



if a june night could talk,
it would probably boast it invented romance ~ bernard williams

bonjour a tous ! it was not so very pretty day but i got myself a bagel, a coffee and a book. weatherwise, it’s super muggy and a bit warm and on account of me being allergic to everything under the sun and including the sun, i didn’t venture out after this little trip.

i have been quite busy and occupying my time with gardening and cats as to love a cat or a flower is the most delicious form of escapism. the honeysuckles near my bedroom window started blooming and they scent my night air swirling together with gossamers of my dreams of the future and wisps and sighs of my past.

life became a blur and i am reminding myself to be still and not become a blur as well.

excuse me while i frolic in the glow of sheer happiness of my boys les warriors win the nba championship and hear me do a war cry of victory. there was a time, when i was sitting in a japanese/thai restaurant in ardmore with sandalwood on the night of game six of warriors v rockets, refusing to go home as rockets were leading 3-2 and i was so afraid that warriors may be done as they sucked for the last few games. i sat there petrified to eat even but there was a tv in the restaurant and i could clearly see the score and warriors were already lagging and my heart sank further still; but sandalwood is like i guarantee you that warriors are gonna win tonight and you must watch the game and he finally convinced me to leave the restaurant and so we packed our foods which just arrived much to the wonderment of the waitress and we raced home and yes, warriors won that game and they tied the series; and on the final game where there was 50% chance of warriors to win and again i was so terrified but sandalwood was  again supportive and told me that i should watch the game as it’s all about greatness achieved through competition and boy, was i glad to watch them win. and when they were in finals, i had no doubt that they will bulldoze cavaliers and yes and yes, my boys were brilliant and i especially loved the little facial expression of “yes” on durant’s face after he pulled the team into lead in game 3. everyone assumes that i like curry, but i actually like durant more and if i were to choose between curry and durant, i would go with durant as a romantic partner because i love strong, silent types.

in summary i don’t know about warriors but i am emotionally and physically drained but it was a glorious journey to reach the cup.

at the office i have squabbled and debated with my colleagues pete and tom as they were super fans of lebron james and i, just can’t stand him. they have this tendency to like pretty much everyone i despise. and for the record, i have no clue why i detest lebron so vehemently… i stand corrected, i think i know why; it’s because he was given a god status and i think he is so overrated and yea, that ticks me off…

i have started a gardening project after almost killing a variety of plants in the office. i would buy these little potted plants and bring them to office only to find them near dead in a couple of days (not my fault, i hastily add. it’s just that the office environment not conducive to any living organisms) and i would hurriedly bring them back home to nurse them back to health. even my cacti died. so i got a few baby spider plants from someone and now waiting for their roots to flourish so i could pot them. i brought some seeds to office and now my little seedlings are poking their itty bitty heads out of the soil and i am carefully coddling them. i really hope that they would thrive and that i could slowly transform my cubicle into a garden full of greenery and throbbing with life.

people break so easily along with their dreams and hearts. the suicides of kate spade and bourdain was awful news for me to hear. severe depression leads you to a place where pain is just too great to be awake filling you with despondency and paranoia and utter loneliness. truly it’s a hard disease to cope with not only for the person who is going through that but also to the ones in their lives.

i have made no progress what so ever on my grand plans. if i can be real with y’all for a second, the past few months have been a bit difficult of my entire fucking life second only to those right after my husband’s death. i’ve been hit with like twenty different curve balls and all at the same time, and again and again and again. i’ve realized many things like who your friends are and who i can count on, ventured out of my security zone, my family’s and my personal traumas and my oh so many allergies; i have to hold people up even when i was not able to hold myself up; but the good news is i have finally forgiven myself and come to love myself and i have wept over how precious the life is and all those lives were of my loved ones… i have wept at how we all are evolving at such a rapid & terrifying rate.

wept inconsolably when saying goodbyes to the nba games on tv and the goodbyes to my precious warriors. how i said goodbye to my best, best friend who came to visit me and, my face puffy, breaking out in hives, and cried all the way back to my home, in the mist. i have been so lonely countless times, but i have — & this is where it comes — i have never felt so tremendously proud of myself. in my entire life. there has never been a point where i felt like i am capable of anything, & i feel that now. truly, more than anything. my sense of self is so strong, and i know that this may be a momentary feeling, that i may be basking in a new-glow, a feeling of hope & opportunity like you would find in a new language, a new place, a nuevo-scape that one have yet to understand, and master but i am ready to immerse. i am ready to become. i am ready, so ready. i want to engage as intimately and meaningfully in a place, with the people that mean something to me, & i will glow, and the ones i love around me will glow, and we will be so brilliant under every single sky.


these days have been full and brimming and chaotic and deeply, deeply beautiful. it feels as though i have been running for miles and miles and all the tall trees, like maples and oaks, blossomed and started dusting their pollen. whenever i look at time and if it says 11:11, i smile a little and remember my husband who doesn’t exist anymore. this was a promise i made to him (we both made to each other but he is no more). i made similar kind of promise to my love julien, and that was every day at 7 am and 7 pm, i would remember him. and yes he did the same kind of promise and well, he doesn’t exist anymore.

some days i feel heavy with all these ghosts i carry around but those ghosts sustain me. my losses and traumas are irrevocably twined into the tapestry of my life…. i keep tracing my scars with my fingertips.

life has become a bit restless for me. but i have been very productive. kind of buttoning down all those things which were hovering in general.

have been chatting with various people at my company (not in my department) in order to pave a way for a different career and use my education for a change possibly as a data scientist and predictive analyst. it won’t be quite the same as research and development, but it’s definitely more intellectual and analytical. i am so awed by all these scientists who i was chatting with as they are so grounded and so down to earth when they talked to me and i was humbled. also, loved talking science things for a change.

today was mother’s day and i have hugged my children tightly and bought them a roast chicken. when i was out to store to buy the roast, i saw quite a lot of families and all the mothers (wives) were pushing the carts fully loaded with purchased items and i was quietly fuming at the lazy bastard husbands who were strolling alongside while their wives were pushing. i mean, really, one day you can’t do the pushing ? i am not one who observe these holidays especially now that i am literally an orphan, but i thought at least this day, the women would get a break from pushing a cart.

i understood my family through the lens of men in my family, who told stories – who passed their histories to me. the mythology of men who tried to shape how i viewed the women in my life, like my mum or my mother’s mum or my dad’s mum; i am rewriting that narrative. i write and rewrite the women, especially my mum and the years of her grieving; for me, my distance away from her, a reminder of what she lost; i also remember, that she has hurt me in ways that she never accepted or acknowledged. i remember, i remember, and again and again, i return to those memories and her house. i return to those long, long car rides, and how tired i was and how she sounded, a little happy “call me sometime soon okay ?” and that she would not call her children, but will wait for them to call her. and she sounded relieved a little that the pressure is off of her. she always sounded well. i miss her all the same.  she was who i molded my personality and i imprinted after her and her strength was my alphabet for feminism. i have been blessed with women who have the strength of 100 people even when their entire world would tell them to stay in a corner because they were women.

sandalwood keeps pestering me to go and play tennis with him and there was a time i used to play and not anymore. maybe i should dust off my racquet and try and hit some balls. sandalwood feels like summer, and he is brilliant and burning; a hot spit and a violent flash of possibility. i’m not sure if i am ready to fall in love with him. for a boy who is tall enough to reach the stars, i want to learn how to trust (you) with my eyes closed and fingers crossed, but i am too scared to do that.

lately i have been spending a majority of my evenings outdoors and i think that’s what summer is all about sometimes. i’m fresh-faced and open to exploring the wilderness. i don’t mind the bug bites and curls in my hair from the heavy humid air and the way my toes scrunch up at the first touch of ice cold water in the shade. i don’t want to stop moving. i’m still youthful and i’m ready to stop thinking and start living, and if that means getting lost sometimes on purpose and taking spontaneous late night walks where the fireflies illuminate the trees, then okay, i’m ready. there are so many things that i’m hoping to find this summer and though i’m unsure of what exactly they might be, i’m ready to discover them hidden within the parts of people, of strangers, of myself that i never expected to uncover.

and that’s where i’m at right now.

evening thoughts

i’ve been sad for a few days now,  as sunday before last, i lost my very pretty baby girl bastet. on friday (april 6) evening when i got home, there were indications that she had been vomiting and when she saw me, she cried aloud. and i knew her heart is giving out when i touched her and her temperature was down and her paws were cold. it was a hard but i decided to let her die in my home and in my arms as i know it would be futile to run her to emergency room and subjecting her to all kinds of torture. so i sat with her and let her sleep on my chest. she finally passed away sunday morning around 3 am. and she still looked beautiful. i kept her in my arms till the rigor set in and i went to bed.

as a mother i want to keep my babies safe forever and i know life is not like that. i am glad to say, i have and will provide the best possible care for my kids knowing fully well that they will all leave me. but i count my blessings and am learning not to be greedy and let them go without being selfish and subjecting them to unnecessary torture (like taking them to vets) because i want to hang on to them .

i am silently thanking god for the thorns as well as the stars he placed in my life.

and of course, the whole of last week i moped around a bit.

now that the spring is in the air, i am attracting unwanted attention as usual. and they do get drawn to me like a moth to the flame. i mean, i am not making fun of them because they are attracted to me, but i get cheesed off royally because of their lack of romance or paying me compliments… for example, they expect me to get wooed when they say “you are stunning”, “you are amazing”, “you are beautiful”…. and usually i’m a cold bitch and i would give my standard reply “fuck you” and now a days i have this guy at the trolley station who says the above things and also if i am wearing flyers jersey (they won one game) and lost two so far (i know, i know i cry every time and it’s exhausting), he goes “ooh flyers”…. i mean, come on ! my iq isn’t in single digit to fall for that crap… and he tries to talk to me but he is as deep as a rain water puddle and he gives me migraines. i probably have to change my trolley stations and soon…

i think i may be a little too hard on some people. maybe i’ll stop. there are times to be a cold bitch and times to forgive and forget. i feel like lately i’ve been too stressed out to differentiate.

now a days i have a lot of time on my hands and i have analyzed and found that careerwise, staying where i’m is not gonna work for me long term. for one i don’t think the department would provide me with opportunities to excel and i’ve bleated myself hoarse asking for some projects, to learn something new and acquire skills and then i realized i’m wasting my time and i’m not suicidal and so i’ve started making lateral moves into a different area.  probably soon or in couple of years, i should move on to a better position. and i’ve plenty of time on my hands.

i’m also getting influenced to start thinking “out of the box” by this novel “the martian” and it is fantastique. it gives a brand new perspective about what to do or what not to do when you find yourself all alone.

and i’ve made a great friend at work and she is awesome and keeps questioning my thoughts when we meet with each other once a month and thus keeps me on my toes. we keep pushing and teaching each other to excel in our careers.

also my former boss paula wasn’t pleased when i told her i wanted to do mba as she still wants me to finish off my ph.d. and start a biologics company. but i need time for that as i’m just now getting stronger. and so for now, i shelved the mba idea to see where my lateral moves would take me.

sandalwood got me an engagement ring and i am like “dude, did you see me wearing any jewelry except for my belly button ring and occasionally a nose ring”. he said he bought it for more of a traditional reason and i was like on your knees please.  i never wore my wedding band except on my wedding day and jace never wore it as well.  and i don’t think, i will start now. or may be i will wear just that one piece and i will totally be naked. i keep telling sandalwood “please sit back and watch me fall in love with you”

i told him i may not be in love with him right this minute, but before i love him again, i will make sure i will carry the same heart as his and even though mine is broken, i will stitch them together with his kind words. he told me that we should recreate the pheromone that moths use to attract other moths. and how if we touched that chemical it would stay in our bodies for ten years. when i teared up and became small, he told me that we would go somewhere quiet and let the moths turn us into dust.

every time i visit him and if the weather is nice, we would sit on  the step of his fire escape, and he sipping his wine. across the streets through the thick of  leaves and then the cracks in the branches, you could hear music playing. some soft and sad songs. the place always felt a little too far away. one night we went inside, and the bassist was a boy who i think about often, who knows what kind of music i like. he smiled baby smiles at me while he played and i thought about magic, about coincidences, about how sometimes the most important place in the world is somewhere you dream about from a fire escape across the street.

sandalwood is back on the road and i miss him. i miss the american boy somedays as well. this irritates me to no end to find feelings lurking in my heart for him. i know it’s hard to choke and kill your feelings no matter how pissed you are with someone and i’m trying to wean myself off him. it’s a bit hard as well, because we both are on the same floor and for my part, i’ve mastered the art of avoiding him…

i guess eventually i’ll get better at goodbyes, but this time and sometimes i’m finding them in parts, in fragments, in some nights saying too much with words that spiral and others spending too much time understanding different ways to communicate. so many words tonight, beautiful little fragments of all that is before and after

what turns to stone is inside you and too often we carry these weights within us.


hello world ! april has arrived with aries moon and placid winter. not a lot happened since i blogged last time and also, a lot happened since i blogged last time. we had another snow blizzard the other day and this time we didn’t have a power outage but i was ready with all candles and stuff. it snowed a bit weirdly and i took off from work expecting worst but it snowed in a slow motion and by 9:30 in the a.m. that day, i was kind of wondering if i made the right decision of staying home, when it started snowing. it was fantastic to look at as it looked like as though god was printing snow on a 3d printer. it fell layer by layer, gently and softly and i was fascinated with it. i sat glued to my window and watched chugging coffee after coffee. i was like alice in winter wonderland and of course, complete with my 21 beautiful cheshire cats. the snow melted off quickly the next day.

slowly but surely books are becoming an important accessory for my outfits… instead of thinking about what blouse or top i should wear, i catch myself thinking what book should i bring with me on train as i have this habit of reading three or more books at the same time and yes, somedays i confuse myself but it’s fun this way… currently i’m reading book thief, vicious and if we were villains in case you were wondering…

i’m thinking of reading the book “the terror” by dan simmons as well as recently amc channel started airing a tv series and it may be classified under historical fiction, fantastic or horror, adventure but whatever it is shelved under, it should be a great read because it’s a story about madness, about men caught up in a mad, self absorbing, cycle of horror and fear. and the tv series is promising and i was looking at the ice logged ships and i almost got claustrophobic and mildly panicky… 😊

i stayed home since thursday as it was very slow at work and my time was better spent at home… i made plans for my garden and ordering bulbs and seeds and other essentials to transform my garden into an enchanted floral garden…. i am designing a mélange of french and english garden. and may be here, i should sing praises of doug, who runs errands for me and he is such a sweet heart and so innocent and always quotes me like insignificant amount for a project, i end up doubling his pay as he does amazing job. i referred him to jack as well and jack also ended up paying him more than doug quoted…. seriously, this kid does a fantastic job and i don’t like to under pay him or take advantage of his naïveté… any way, this garden project got me chuffed properly.

i love the smell of change in the air as the season is changing and i smell the earth and little buds of hungry green leaves are poking their itty bitty heads out… i felt sorry for the little ones as the weather seemed utterly batshit crazy and a month ago we had almost spring weather and all the little plants started hurriedly coming out when the weather turned cold and snubbed them back into the ground. and of course, weather will have to give in and make way for spring and i am eagerly waiting to bask in the magic of spring as everything becomes new and a new life begins.

friday morning there was so much fog and sandalwood and i hurriedly put our shoes on and ventured out in to the dark and mysterious labyrinthine mists of early morning fog at 5 in the morning to enjoy the bite of crisp air and we got soaked in the mists… we sat out having coffee and breakfast and it was amazing to have le petit dejuner a l’air frais and we had toast with mascarpone and i wished we had some fruit paste to go with mascaropone….

our relationship is slowly growing and we have now come to holding hands with no reason and at all times and sleeping in the same bed and spooning. i love falling asleep in his arms, molding my body into the concave hollow of his body and resting my head into the crook of his neck… he keeps whispering into my hair that he will protect me.

i think he is the purest person i know (well after my boys julien and jace). he is kind and honest and will do anything to make me feel loved because he can’t put his feelings into words. he plays his guitar and sings in silly voices and makes stupid impressions to make me laugh and i laugh so much…  i simply adore him.

the other day we were getting gas somewhere in a remotest part and there was this turtles song “happy together” came on and we started mildly dancing to it and we kissed, not passionately but rather like a hello and let our lips converse a bit.

on the domestic front, i’ve taken up making vegetable pottage as i realized that i am not eating all the veggies i should be eating and made a potful last weekend and will again this sunday. i almost killed sandalwood though as i forgot white people can’t eat hot stuff. and to be honest, i don’t eat that much of heat as my fellow indians do, because i went off that a long time ago as my lovers were not spice eaters and most indians keep telling me that india should divorce me as i don’t eat spicy stuff anymore. i also packed lunch of the same (having made a lot, i ate for days) and kept offering to people at my work forgetting the spicy nature of my pottage and thus probably would have made them ill; anyway, he couldn’t handle any spice at all so i hurriedly boiled him a potato… i kid you not !

i probably will teach him slowly to eat things of spicy nature. i started to cook again and i am happy. i am planning to slowly convert him to be vegetarian, but for now i am pampering him with gourmet food and this morning i made a rich breakfast of omelette with chicken livers and mushroom stuffing.

i started volunteering at an animal shelter and some days i go there before i go to work. my lungs feel ok for now and i recently started drenching myself in perfume to get my body used to allergens and chemicals as if to reteach my body to stop reacting. don’t know if that would work but i have to take a chance. as the weather is changing, more allergens are in the air and some days i feel as though i can drown inside my head because of the fluid.

i feel so loved these days and i am exhausted just because of this affection. my kids are healthy and enjoying the weather and i am super blissful. sandalwood and i take walks and hikes and we are planning to attend the cherry blossom festivals in april both in washington dc and in new york.

people make an effort, you know, to let me know that i’m loved…

like when my boss said to me “come here and teach me how to be nice” as she was about to talk to someone she can’t stand….. made me smile so much !

like when this coop girl who left recently and with who i bonded, secretly texted me saying we have to take a photo as we didn’t and that she would want to have a photo with me to remember the good times we shared…

like when sandalwood texts me and says he misses me five minutes after he said goodbye…

like when i walk in to my home, my kids come running to me and hug me with a biggest smile.. (i’m sure cats smile)

i know this may seem normal to some of you, but i’ve been so parched for affection for a long time and this feels like a healing rain. i feel somedays that my mind has mountains… you know, the tall unsurpassable ones with jagged cliffs and of course, i do have obstacles and things which i need to sort out. and you know what ? things start looking differently because of a small change in your life. it could be just a small event, but that causes your perspective to change. and just like that, i started looking at things differently and i’m less fearful and less anxious and became stronger. isn’t it just amazing ? and all of a sudden i wanted to live and not just exist and i love my life and it’s just so wonderful… to be alive in moments like this.

i love sharing many stories and singing along to trashy music and warmth of the car heater in comparison to chill of the winter air against my skin and the click of my heels on the pavement and hugging old friends and catching up with boy and making far too many blowjob jokes and about me being on my knees and sharing my dinner with a lovely boy i barely know and falling into people and feeling eyes on me as i swayed to the music.

i sit with my friends and sometimes strangers and i share stories and what makes them smile and what makes them tick… and  i am consistently thankful that i have these opportunities where i meet strangers from across the country, share some stories over tea and remember how many beautiful people carry sparks of passion with them & reignite ancient memories wherever they go.

my eyes shimmer with memories and tears and nostalgia… ancient hearts and tricks up my sleeves… i’m bursting !


when i walked into my home this evening, i was greeted by this very beautiful fragrance of glade’s enchanted garden which perfumes my home in a most glorious way…. i walked in with a handful of cat food as usual. i was thinking as i walked into the house that i’ve taken myself out of the context recently; like my family and poetry and stripped myself out of everything. stripping myself down to bare skin and coming to a new place in my life and i can actually say, i’ve started growing into a new skin, a new myself really; i keep taking selfies of myself and i can see my eyes are definitely tired, but excited and there’s a new glow in them… my shoulders are curled-in with exhaustion, but i’m arriving at a new place. i even started introducing myself to myself, laughing and there’s a new bounce in my steps and i keep humming and dancing while waiting at the printers and copiers and in front of elevators…

all i want to do these days is the opposite of everything that i have been doing. touching-and going. climbing mountains, breathless in the rain. i’m disappearing into the folds of my blankets as soon as i come home (well after i feed my kids of course) and sometimes i go for a drive through the woods.

i’ve started becoming restless again. restless feet and restless hands. and i keep exhaling and exhaling. march is difficult you know. i’m almost afraid to remember. it’s difficult and it’s still so close. i come here to write but raking through my memories which induce pain and panic attacks, and later spending hours incapacitated, face-down on my woolly rug touching the tiny ridges of the wool of it to make sure that i’m still here, that i have a body to remember to return to.

i feel brave and then suddenly i don’t feel brave at all. i want to call sandalwood and say “let’s go for a walk” and maybe we go for a walk, and treading beneath a canopy of blank branches and endless fallen leaves, and talking about the importance of the smell of dark-green to someone who will let me forget without asking too many questions.

all i want to do is sit in my room and smell the beautiful fragrance and listen to the rain coming from above. hear the rushing noise of the cars outside of my home, the pitter patter sounds of my kids’ feet on the hardwood…  my kids fill me up with warmth. there is no warmth in the memories of what has hurt, anywhere in this little space of mine. even the old letters that have been written to me are stuffed somewhere in a box. the whole of this week i kept ouching and my back still huts and i thought it’s because i pulled my back muscle while exercising but that coupled with lungs hurting as a result of flared up asthma made my life miserable.

i am trying to understand a lot of things about home-making. today i was chatting with a colleague of mine and i was telling her that i am not domestic at all. i am looking for a man who would make me a cup of coffee in the morning and do my laundry; like jace used to. she laughed and i told her that i’m a card carrying feminist. she later emailed me a few webinars from women.

recently i came very close to telling off american boy and that he can go fuck himself. i also would have drawn a diagram of the same. but i didn’t and i swallowed my anger and grew more patient. sandalwood laughed and made fun of me and asked me when i finally tell him off, i should record it on my iphone and that he would provide me the newest version possible.

he is looking to buy an apartment in downtown philly so we can split time between city and country and i’m looking to buy an investment property but not sure if i could afford but i must. but it’s sure is fun though to go and look for houses. he is good to me you know. he keeps me stable and this scares me. i’m a wild child and i’m used to getting hurt and i don’t want to hurt him.

yesterday i was completely pissed and furious, as i was hungry and went to café and that had no decent food and it just pushed all my buttons.. my cafeteria has increasingly became unfriendly towards vegetarians and i see the same stuff day in day out and man, if i have to describe myself as a cartoon, i would be having steam coming out of my reddened ears, eyes and nose, etc. and when i came back to my office, i wrote a very nasty feedback and so, when i went downstairs to get food this afternoon, there were more vegetarian dishes ! squeaky wheel and grease and all that good stuff !

oh here’s an annoying detail of my life. i had a big argument with tom from my work re. pull ups (chin-ups) v pull downs and boy, he just doesn’t seem to understand the difference. he kept telling me that it’s the same motion and i kept explaining the science and i even sent him an article. all this came about as i was bleating to him about my inability to do pull ups and how i would like to be able to do at least one respectable pull-up. i think he was just trying to annoy me.

and here’s a funny detail. today my boss was trying to mail an infant girl dress to someone and i was helping her and she is like, you can’t have that one as you won’t fully fit into it and so i told her, “sometimes you don’t want to fully get covered by anything” and i winked at her while giving her my most wicked and naughtiest smile you could imagine. she laughed so hard at that. she has this belief that i’m very nice and i don’t curse, and the worst curse to come out of my mouth would be shucks etc etc. and gosh if only she knew. to be fair i keep warning her about me that i’m not that nice or innocent and that i’m a total bitch; but she doesn’t believe me.

all my life has been fascinating to me. maybe i should explain, all this learning i do and learning how to live safely and comfortably in a space i designed for myself. i keep picturing open windows and doors in a house with wooden floors and somewhere set in a mountain and the curtains gently swinging with the breeze.

that’s what i want to achieve this summer. i have started a memorial garden you know, for jace… i want to build again this summer and put in a water fountain or may be a koi pond. i  want to plant all kinds of colorful plants with beautiful flowers and i want to romp on the grass with my cats or have a picnic in my front yard with sandalwood and i want to read a bunch of books while listening to the birds sing. looking forward to my june monsoons and july summers.

i want to make vegetable stew and homemade banana bread. last night i took down a piece of fabric i pinned into my wall. i’m planning to fill my house with vases of flowers sandalwood keeps bringing me and i made food. for two ! i took photos. a signifier of my home-making. of my ability to settle. i am not a runner, but i hid before. not anymore. all i want to do is stay, to stay and to have that be okay.

all i want is this smallness, the gentle, tender thing of chopping a potatos and peppers. and preparing something, something small and savory to eat with our hands afterwards. i fantasize about the warm lighting, about the cold rain falling outside, of someone i love looking at me and knowing that he loves me too.

i feel simple and fragile and very small. maybe my dreams have always been leading me to this. to a place that resembles home. safety. where i’m myself, first and foremost, before i’m a daughter, a sibling, a lover and a friend. i’ve got no money. only a mortgage on a good house, nestled in a good neighborhood. nobody knows what i went through to get here. mostly falling, crawling and terrified. hiding a lot. picking myself up, dusting and shaking off loose scales and i’m emerging tho. and in all this i must remember to thank god over and over again; and i think my cats and i (and may be sandalwood) can build happiness and a world with roses, rainbows and glitter… a lot of glitter and, i think my kitties and i are gonna be okay ! i really really think so.

me to you..

i listened to your guitar chords on the phone and i opened the windows, tracing familiar notes like a map straight to all the things i have been burying; deep down, way deep down, like what it means to fall for strangers and how i never seem to know when to hold or when to let go or kiss without consequence and i think our hearts are too big to contain all the things we feel and we haven’t experienced yet.

sometimes we just want someone to shake our bones and rattle our soul and travel the distance without anything but conversation that changes things, and life, because we are young and old and we are stupid but we always have a fire inside.

but some nights when you keep rambling into the phone about utter nonsense like the corn fields of idaho or missing the snowstorm which we just had and i am reminded how i’m in a place where it no longer holds the weight of importance, i wonder if all the chords from your guitar you keep mailing me via phone and are pouring out of my speakers are the same ones that cradle me and you when fearful whispers of our minds aren’t drawing us closer to the comfort of finding what we needed the most.

i want you to know that i’m small. i’m fragile. i’m afraid of things like frogs and fireworks. i don’t like to cut onions which make me cry or the way when summer comes to a close, it draws a curtain over fireflies. i like to drift into slumber listening to music, and i like the way the first day of winter, when i walk out how the cold air numbs me & takes my breath away.

i want you to know i’m impatient & i jump ahead quite frequently, my mind races faster than my mouth, but i cross my fingers, and press them on my chest and pressing in all my hope into something brilliant and burning. when i’m scared i close my eyes and ramble neverendingly.

i have this habit of kissing a bit hard and biting the lips of my lover and i listen to sad songs and clean my house sniffling and crying profusely. you already know my love for cats and other small animals, and that i save gummy bears and orphaned books, but i’m also brave enough to pet dogs which are as huge as half a camel and all that time i keep muttering to the dogs don’t bite me. i enjoy coffees & drake songs and rap and i’m never sure of anything really, but i do know that i’m finding myself completely and totally terrified of this, of you, and finding myself, in all honesty thinking of you, but it feels right and i think that is all that matters now…

for climbing rocks and long drives, and i remember feeling the sun on my skin and remember how good it feels to adventure into wilderness with you.