week 11 – shelter in place

encouraged by the new app i got, as i wanted to do a sugar detox (kill me now please), i tried some new recipes and i quickly found myself hopelessly lost in a wonderland of bad decisions.

i got this app to track my macro-nutrients as i always consume less than what i need in a day not because i was dieting but because i am by nature lazy to eat and so i end up eating nutritionally imbalanced food. as we are staying home i thought i would improve my eating habits by tracking my food intake and believe it or not i was not only undereating calorically speaking, but am horribly imbalanced in my consumption of macros, over consuming carbs (well i eat a lot of rice), less protein and just the right amount of fats. my caloric intake is still less but the nutrient balance has improved considerably and also my water intake.

the bitch app always gives me a blue :/ (speechless emoji) as i am either under caloric or not enough balance, nutritionally speaking. interestingly, i find that getting up to the required 600 calories for lunch or dinner is very hard and i mean, i eat the same amount which i used to (now kind of balanced) and it’s like 200 calories. what the actual fuck ! and to top it, the protein content is no where near and i can only eat so many eggs in a day. so i started making protein jellies (20 cals / jelly) still less but i can either eat as snack or put them in breakfast bowls.

on sunday my neighborhood did an organized protest regarding the death of george floyd and i, as usual, missed it (i later saw the note my neighbors stuck in my screen door informing me of the protest and to come by). actually i also missed the whole thing about his death on account i stopped watching news a while ago, as now a days the news were about covid19 and how everyone is dealing with it in their own stupid way, and yours truly gets really bored with cheesy emotions humans portray… i am not sorry about missing out on the news of his death but i am sorry that he had to die unnecessarily and how stupid this whole racism is and people have no sense and mind you, i won’t take sides on this shit because americans (and probably the whole goddamn world) are goddamn racists, whites and blacks and the others (indians, chinese, etc). what irritates me the most is that they pretend that they are not racists and that they are ok but their actions speak the loudest. i think racism stems from selfishness and it is based on not being cultured or educated enough. i am not talking about degrees, i am talking about reading and obtaining knowledge and expanding ones horizons and not having the same amoeba brain one is born with. anyway, for some reason, i went by my window and i saw a police car and i thought it was weird and may be it was by mistake  (because the other day there was a fire episode and the fire engines came into my neighborhood with all the sounds and bells and whistles, disturbing our precious naps, and it was a mistake and our neighbors have to reroute them to the correct location). and lo, i saw my a few of my neighbors taking a knee and some standing with posters and i wondered, ‘couldn’t you have gone on to the road (route 100) is just a few yards away’ and my kitty boy pepper, who was lounging on the sill looked at me with questioning eyes as if to say “what the hell is this and who disturbs my nap’ and i answered ‘i got no clue’.

and then this happened. the other day the temps went up to 80ish and all the young girls in the neighborhood stripped down to their undies and played with water. i watched them interestingly and considered our cultural differences and how my parents would have beaten us to a pulp if we went outdoors in our petticoats.  the nextdoor neighbor (a divorced woman with a girl) had some people come by (are we done with quarantine now ?) and the girls were playing with water and i was upstairs and looked into their yard and then i noticed that the girls had something like a dildo in their hands, which they fill with water and squirt (?). i was horrified and my brain said no this can’t be true and i observed closely and almost got my binoculars out, when i realized that they were actually toy crayons – large, dildo look alike crayons. i cracked myself up and told myself that i have a dirty mind.

it’s late and i have to prepare the ingredients for tomorrows meals; thinking of making green protein smoothie for brekkie, mixed vegetable omelette for lunch, stuffed tomatoes for dinner and very importantly mixed berry compote for dessert.  it’s going to be a good day !!